Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Clarisonic Review (and my customer service experience story)

Today I was reunited with my Clarisonic! Here's the story...

I bought my Clarisonic Mia from Amazon in January 2012. If you don't know anything about Clarisonics, they are basically an electronic skin-cleansing system, mainly for the face, which aids your skincare routine. You use the brush with your cleanser for 60 seconds, once or twice a day, to "remove 6x more makeup than manual cleansing, reduce appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin tone."

With the protective brush cap on
I didn't get it for the purpose of removing fine lines and wrinkles (yet!) but for the claim of reducing pore size, improving skin tone and I'd also heard it was good for keeping oily skin under control and therefore reducing breakouts. I'm also super lazy at removing my make-up and fine it a chore, so wanted this thing to do the work for me.

Initially I used the brush every evening with my cleanser (Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Deep Pore Unclog Wash), and found that my skin was getting very red, a little sore, and I was breaking out pretty badly. I'd heard about 'purging'; where the skin is being sort of deep-cleaned, so all the badness is coming to the surface, but this was awful. I started using the Clarisonic every other day instead and after maybe two weeks my skin was back to normal. I continued using it just every other evening, and I slowly began to notice differences:
  • My skin felt softer (I think due to the exfoliating that the Clarisonic does)
  • My moisturiser sank in better
  • My skin was less red, and I had less break-outs
I didn't really notice any difference in pore size, which was annoying as my pores are MAHOOSIVE. euurgh. But it really did deliver on everything else.

And then... Last month my beloved little Clarisonic died. It wouldn't turn on, it wouldn't charge, nothing. I'm ashamed to say I shed a little tear. I'd heard that the customer service from the Clarisonic people was really good though, and all Clarisonics come with a one-year warranty (as long as their bought from a proper seller), so I contacted them via email.
They got back the very next day and said they'd send me a free-post envelope to send my poor little dead Clarisonic back to them in. It took FIFTEEN DAYS for them to get that envelope to me! I'd say that's a pretty long time. Once I'd sent back my Clarisonic, It took another FIFTEEN days for my new one to arrive. Altogether a full month waiting for my replacement.

RIP Clarisonic

During this time, I did find out that Clarisonic was changing hands, the company having been bought by another, which somewhat explains how long I had to wait, but I'd say a month is still really too long.

Did I miss my Clarisonic/see any changes in the month without it?
Definitely. I used an exfoliating scrub every other day instead, but it wasn't the same at all. It took alot longer for me to feel I'd got all the make-up off, and I still evidently hadn't as I broke out a lot more. My skin felt generally oilier too.

Would I recommend the Clarisonic?
Yes! Particularly if you have a problem with oily/combination skin and want a hassle-free way to remove make-up. The UK site is http://www.clarisonic.co.uk/ if you are interested in looking at the different colours and models they do. Now it's time to start using my Clarisonic again, and whilst I'm really not looking forward to that 'purging' stage, it's totally worth it in the long run.



  1. Hallo little Koala (lovely name),
    very useful post! Though tempted by the Clarisonic I have never dared buy it because many years ago, before the electronic brushes were born (and not only) I had tried a manual brush (by Shiseido) and it had made me break so badly...but as you suggest it is probably a matter of using it in the right way (like every other day) depending on your skin. I may give it a go now! Bye for now

  2. I've ummed and ahhh-ed over whether to get the Clarisonic but I'm starting to think I need it. Good post and cute blog :-)

    Thanks for sending over your link in #bbloggers chat last night

    Ambi x

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