Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to make your Uni Room home

My current uni room

Your first few weeks after moving into your uni accomodation are crazy. There's something every day and every night and when you come back to your room alone, you can feel very lonely. Making it your little sanctury can help you relax and feel more at home. Here's my tips...

♥ Go shopping for a new duvet cover and pillow set, and pick something that you love, not that you think other people will love. Even places like Tescos do great ones for super cheap
♥ If you've got space in the car, bring some cusions to throw on your bed. They'll make the room so much more cosy
♥  Get some photos printed. I get mine printed at photobox online. If you don't have any fames, you can just pop them on the wall with whitetac (don't use blue-tac, it rips the paint off!)
♥ Bring cute little decorations that you love and place them around your room. Fake flowers in a glass bottle and bunting are some of the things I have that make my room feel like home
♥ Make sure you have the essentials which can be really annoying if you're without them - a little plastic bin, a radio/alarm clock, a desk lamp, a mirror, plenty of hangers and a pen pot



  1. Hi there :D
    I just saw your message at Louise's facebook page and decided to check out your blog.I've been really liking it so far :D Keep up the good work.
    May I ask where you got the union jack flags from? I mean if that photos are yours. Sorry if not.
    Take care,

    1. Hiya Joana, thanks so much :) Yes, they're my own photos and I'm afraid a friend made me the union jack bunting! It's easy to find the fabric in places like hobby craft and if you youtube 'how to make bunting' you can make some yourself :)

  2. Cute decor, I have that union flag cushion! :) x

  3. This is so cozy! Thanks Amy! University dorms will never look boring with this idea! :)

  4. I moved into a Uni hostel a couple months ago, it can easily feel impersonal and cold... both literally and figuratively... need me a heater or something.

    Nice post.


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