Monday, 5 November 2012

I ♥ Fall Tag

It's a little bit late but here's my answers to the I ♥ Fall Tag, because it just has to be done!
(I feel so American calling it fall, hehe!)

Oh Herro little baby hedgehog that I found scurrying around Tumblr!

Favourite Fall Lip Product
I'm going to rock the boat and go for something crazily basic - Vaseline! Without it I wouldn't be able to wear any other lip products without my lips looking all flakey and horrible!

Favourite Fall Nail Polish
17's Lasting Fix Nail Polish in the colour Exquisite. It's a very dark and festive shimmery green.

Favourite Fall Starbucks Drink
So there is no way I can afford Starbucks, I'm a poor uni student after all (!), so I'll just tell you what my favourite drink is that I like to make in the autumn. I love Turkish Apple Tea which I believe you can get from Whittards, and of course Hot Chocolate, but with added maple syrup, mmm...

Favourite Fall Candle
In uni accommodation we are banned from lighting candles, which sucks, but I suppose is fair enough.  Instead of burning candles, I pop on my fairy lights which are shaped like little lanterns, and they give the room a really calm and festive glow.

Favourite Fall scarf or accessory
Do boots count as an accessory? I recently got some biker style boots from Republic - here's the link -  and I love to wear them with long songs to keep my feet warm.

Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
I wish I could go on a haunted hay ride but we have literally none of these things in England!

Favourite Halloween movie?
Again, I'd love to go to America to experience a real Halloween as we don't really do anything for Halloween over here. I've never even heard of a single Halloween movie...

Favourite candy to eat on Halloween
We don't even have special Halloween sweets here! If I had to pick a kind of sweet to eat at this kind of year though, I'd pick a Terry's chocolate orange any day.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
On Halloween, I had a night in with my housemates and didn't dress up at all! I'm such a Scrooge!

What is your Favourite thing about Fall?
Snuggling up under my duvet with my hot water bottle and having chats in the dark evenings with friends that go on for hours :)

Have fun getting Festive and keep warm!


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