Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hyped Product Review: Original NAKED Palette

I was a bit late on the NAKED bandwagon (that sounds weird!) when I got my original palette a few months back. Since purchasing mine for £36 from Debanhams, I've used it almost every day. The quality of the shadows is as good everyone raves about; they stay put and are brilliant for blending. Every single shade in this palette seems to suit my skin tone and my eye colour which is just amazing and means I will get my money's worth.

I love the look of the palette, but it's just a bit too flimsy and picks up too much dirt to be carried around in my bag.

My most worn shades are 'Sin' (second from left) as a brow and inner corner highlight, 'Naked' (third from left) as an all over lid colour, 'Buck' (fifth from left) through the crease, with 'Darkhorse' (fifth from right) or 'Hustle' (third from right) in the outer corner and a little through the crease.

 Here's all the shadows closer. The only matte shades are 'Naked' and 'Buck' which I thought might make the palette more suitable for evening looks, but actually the shimmer in most of the shadows (other than 'Half-baked') isn't too overpowering for the day time. The only slight let down to this palette is the included brush. It doesn't pick up much product and isn't good at blending either. I just stick with my Real Techniques brushes to apply these shadows. 


I LOVE it. If I could only live with one palette for the rest of my life this would be the one!



  1. I love it! cannot wait to get my hands on it! :)
    I blog every single day about hair care, skin care and beauty

    Please check it out, recommend and even possible follow!
    xx ZOe

  2. Love this palette too! Although I am so desperate now to purchase the Naked Palette 2 :( Are you interested in trying out the second palette too?

    Rachel xo

    1. Yes, I'm definitely interested in trying it out, but for now I'm loving using the neutrals I have. Plus the NAKED2 has a lot more cool tones, which I don't think suit me as well as NAKED1's warm toned shades :)

  3. This is gorgeous and it's just the colours I use regularly so this would be very handy for me! Would be good if you could include a link on where to buy it so it's easy to navigate to the product :)

    Christina x


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