Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bag Organisation // What's in my Bag?

I LOVE bags. I love staring at them on unaffordable websites. I love buying them and rubbing my hands with glee when I take them out of there packaging. I love holding them. I love organising them. I just love them. Maybe a little too much....
My most recent purchase is this greyish large day bag from Accessorize (in the sale for £30, reduced from £60). I justified buying it since 1, it's BEAUTIFUL, 2, it's an 'investment', and 3, it would be a crime to say no to a discount like that.
With gold hardware and quilting on the front pocket, it feels so luxurious and fits in all my bits and bobs.

Sorry this next set of images is a little small, feel free to zooooooom in.

Purse - River Island
Diary - WHSmiths
Ipad mini case - Jammy Lizard on Amazon
Bag Organiser - Amazon (link here)

The only problem with this bag is it's lack of internal pockets, so I bought a bag organiser (link above) to house all my stuff. Now I don't have to fumble around for half an hour looking for that packet of polos!
I always feel the need to carry water around with me; either me or someone else gets thirsty, but regular plastic bottles may break or spill onto gadgets, and they are proven to release nasty chemicals into the water, eughh. So I got one made of a special plastic that is also completely leak free.

Here are all the other bits that I keep in the little bag organiser:

Do you splurge on gorgeous bags and obssess about how to organise them? If you do, please let me know in the comments; it would make me feel a lot better :p



  1. That bag is SO nice and I think I need to buy my mum 4 bag organisers because I swear she carries her life in there haha. Great idea :)
    (I currently have a lipstick giveaway running |MAC|Rimmel|Avon)


    1. Thanks! Glad I've given you a prezzie idea :)


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