Friday, 25 January 2013

Essie Polish Haul!

I was looking online for Essie polishes when I stumbled across, who sell discounted beauty products. At the moment they've got a load of last summer's Essie polishes at around £4.99 each (some cheaper!), which is an absolute bargain considering they're around £7.99 in superdrug. Plus this site had free delivery and 10% off, so I was one happy bunny :) I picked up four full size polishes and a set of two mini ones.

Yum yum yum, they look good enough to eat.

I really trust Essie as a brand, every polish of theirs I've tried has a gorgeous colour pay-off on the nail and lasts for ages, plus they have a great colour range.

Top Left: Too Too Hot

Top Right: Super Bossa Nova

Bottom Left: Case Study

Bottom Middle: Brazziliant

Bottom Right: Meet me at sunset & Smooth sailing

I couldn't quite capture the difference between the colours, so take a look on Essie's website if you'd like a more true representation.

Too Too Hot is a bright red, a real staple colour. Super Bossa Nova is a barbie pink with subtle blue shimmer, Braziliant is an orange with what looks like gold shimmer, and Case Study is a greeny-beige, which I'm exited to pair with a gold polish as an accent nail. (Ooh, how sophisticated!)
Regarding the little polishes (they are literally so tiny and cute), Meet me at sunset is what I'd imagine you'd get if you mixed Too Too Hot with Braziliant (a kind of reddy orange), and Smooth sailing is a lazy day jean blue with silver shimmer.

I'm loving all these new colours, but I think I'm going to paint my nails with 'Too Too Hot' to perk me up after a week of snow! If you have a favourite Essie Polish please let me know, I'm always looking to try new colours :)



  1. Thanks so much for introducing me to this website! Can't believe I didn't know about it sooner. Gonna be placing a big order now tomorrow! Just bought a £7.99 polish from boots too! Gutted!

    Really love your blog and followed :) x

    1. I know, I'm going to be ordering from there all the time now, wahoo! Thanks for following :)

  2. I love the hot pink one!! I think I'm going to get some :) Thank you for this post!

  3. Essie are really great, I love their Ballet Slippers shade. Nice photos x


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