Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Get Fit, Feel Epic - My Weightloss/Fitness Experience

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I mentioned in my New Year's post that one of my goals for 2013 is to get to my goal weight by the summer. I thought some of you might like to know how I plan on doing this, and when I saw Sandra's post over at the much loved Black Pearl Blog, it reminded me of all the things I wanted to talk to you about. She's currently holding a competition called the 'Get Fit, Feel Epic competition' (you can join in the fun here) in conjunction with the MoneySupermarket.com.

So let's go!

What's my goal?
My goal is to lose 9-10 pounds by the summer. I don't feel entirely comfortable posting my height and weight here and I don't feel it's all that relevant anyway. Whatever size you are, I think the best way of getting to your goal weight is the same - a healthy diet in which you can still eat what you love in moderation, and a sensible exercise plan.

What have I changed?

Before January 1st, I did about 2-3 hours of exercise per week, through dance classes at my university. Now I'm currently doing 7 hours of dancing per week, plus walking (fast!) for 25 minutes to get there 3 times per week. I would highly recommend dancing as a form of enjoyable exercise since a lot of the time you're so busy remembering routines and enjoying the moves that you don't even notice you're exercising! I take classes ranging from ballet to modern, to muscial theatre to Irish, but I've also previously loved Zumba and would totally recommend finding a local Zumba class.

My diet was previously not awful, but I did have large portion sizes and would binge quite often on crisps (Doritos are my weakness!) and chocolate (Lindt Lindor I love you!) I've been using Fitness Pal (I mentioned this in my App favourites post), to document what I'm eating and how much exercise I'm doing. It's incredibly motivational to see what you're putting into your body every day, and I couldn't stick to my calorie allowance without it. For motivation I'd also recommend getting Tumblr if you haven't already and following many of the fitness and diet blogs there - I find that seeing other people's transformations and the bikini bodies you long for can stop you from reaching for that much-longed-for Creme egg. Here's a few tumblr blogs with great inspiration:

Expecting Perfection's Tumblr Wall



- http://fitpotential.tumblr.com/

- http://fitandfreaky.tumblr.com/

The effects so far (after one month):

♥ I have so much more energy! I never thought that in eating less and doing more active stuff you'd feel MORE energetic but it really does work. I feel less sluggish and my brain seems to work faster too, I love it.

♥ I'm generally happier. In the winter months (especially January) I can tend to feel pretty down about how life is going, but this month I've felt much more positive, and am seeing the best in all kinds of little things.

♥ Since I'm currently at uni and don't own my own scales, I can't tell you how effective my new regime (can I even call it that?) has been in respect to actually losing weight, but I know I'd already lost 3 pounds halfway through the month before I came back to uni. I am feeling slightly more skinny though and in better shape, which has actually made me then take better care of my nails, skin and hair too. I take more time moisturising, tanning and painting my nails as I'm feeling better about myself, which in turn gives me....

♥ More confidence. I'm quite a shy person really, but because I'm feeling happier, more upbeat and (dare I say) better looking (!), I am actually feeling more confident :) I know this might not mean much to some people but for me this means starting up a conversation with someone I've never talked before in one of my dance classes without worrying too much about what they think of me, which is just amazing.

I've experienced many benefits from not too many huge changes to my lifestyle, and am planning on keeping this new routine up for, well, forever! I hope this post may have helped you in some way, perhaps given you a few ideas on how to achieve your goal, or maybe even inspired you a little (!)



  1. Doritos and Lindt are my weakness too :) I still treat myself to something nice once a week though. I hope you can reach your goal by the summer and thank you for entering the competition xo

  2. Really liked this post, great to see others writing a few more lifestyle posts :) Just started following you too xx


    1. Thank you! I clicked through to your blog and really enjoyed your post about your spinning classes so I followed you :) XX

  3. Well done for sticking to your regime! I'm doing 30 day shred at the moment because I'm getting married in 4 months and having my dress fitting in March (no pressure then!). Good luck! www.jessiemapooh.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Congratulations! And the best of luck with your weight loss too! XX

  4. Great post! And well written too. You seem so lovely and down to earth. I really don't understand why you have to defend Anna Saccone in every post on her blog. Leave your comment and be done with it. She doesn't even know who you are and doesn't really care either. Your writing really is amazing and you could do something with your blog so please be careful how you put yourself on the interent!

    1. Thank you, but I've only defended her on her two most recent blog posts, and I really don't see anything incriminating with defending a lovely girl against mean and hateful comments (often directed towards her baby daughter).

  5. What sorts of foods do you eat? You know like what do you have for each meal and what do you snack on? I'd love to know coz I tried this and it failed coz I just snack WAY too much. Xxx

    1. I'd recommend not completely cutting out the things you love, as otherwise youre bound to relapse. Also don't give up on a day just because you've had one or two 'bad' things - if you dropped your phone on the floor you wouldn't then think meh might as well now smash it up till it breaks, so why would you treat your body the same way? Regarding what I eat, I have bran type cereals with milk for breakfast, with a small glass of orange juice, soup and one slice of bread for lunch, and for dinner, whatever meal I feel like, but a good size portion, not massive! I try to snack on grapes as they're sweet but healthy.I hope that helped :) XX

    2. Thank you :) xxx


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