Thursday, 3 January 2013

My New Years

This new years I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Brouges in Belgium for 3 days with my boyfriend, his family, and a few of their family friends.
Here's a couple of photos:

My New Years Resolutions 2013:

♥ Use my time more wisely - stop procrastinating
♥ Pray more
♥ Go to three (or more!) dance classes every week
♥ Use fitness pal every day to get to my goal weight by the summer
♥ Figure out my career and make active decisions to making it happen
♥ Grow my hair to my waist!
♥ Drink more water

The best of luck to anyone who has made New Years Resolutions like me!



  1. Those photos are beautiful! And you have some good resolutions :) wish I could grow my hair to waist length, it always wants to stop at just beneath my shoulders! :( x

    1. Thank you! I have the same problem, but I'm going to try to use less heat on my hair which might help :)

  2. Wow, pretty pictures, especially the one of the tree with all of the lights.

    1. Thank you, it was beautiful :)

  3. Hi I like your blog, I've just made a blg today
    I'm growing my hair too and since I've stop using heat ( couple of months) it's really grown! :-)


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