Saturday, 26 January 2013

NOTD (Nails of the day)

I'm in such a good mood today, and I don't even really know why! Don't you just love those days?
Anyway, after my Essie splurge, I painted my nails with Too Too Hot. I only used one coat, and whilst it's quite a good colour just with one coat, I'll use two next time. Apologies for the stupidly short nails, they kept breaking, so I decided to just cut them all down and kind of start again. By the next NOTD, hopefully they'll be looking long and lovely again!

Essie - Too Too Hot


  1. cute colour :) Nice blog

  2. this is such a beautiful color !

    xx Liyana

  3. What a lovely, warm red shade. So pretty! And really like the bird fabric :)


  4. Cute Nails!! I've done a "Fav Polish of the Moment" blog you might enjoy, as well as some beauty reviews and polls! I am an up and coming beauty blogger and would love for you to comment on your favourite review/ article and maybe answer a few polls!

    Thx sooooo much!

    Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger<3


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