Thursday, 28 February 2013

What's in my Travel MakeUp Bag?

I love to peek into other people's makeup bags to see which products they've picked out as essentials to carry around or travel with (why am I so nosy??), so I've put together the products that I would take away with me on a trip or holiday which would allow me to create both day and night looks.

To keep dry winter skin smooth and soft Oilatum’s face cream has been incredible. I apply this before my primer (Rimmel’s Fix&Perfect).
I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis, but when I do I like a full coverage. Revlon’s colourstay is up at the top of my list for foundations that last all day. For blemishes I’d recommend Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer (which in my opinion is better than MAC concealers), and Maybelline’s lumi touch concealer for undereye dark circles.
I set my makeup firstly with Collection’s Pressed Powder before spritzing with an Urban Decay Setting Spray for a natural look.

I think it’s important to invest in a good eyeshadow palette. The original Naked palette is my preferred choice for travel with plenty of matte and shimmer neutral colours, but I’d recommend MUA’s undressed palette as a brilliant dupe if you’re on a tighter budget. I’ve also included Urban Decay’s primer potion, which is a must have to keep your shadows looking lovely all day.
Brows shape your whole face, so I make sure to use The BodyShop’s brow powder for natural looking full brows.
My favourite liquid liner at the moment is Collection’s Fast Stroke and for the waterline, Rimmel’s nude Scandaleyes pencil to brighten up the whole eye.
If you have straight lashes like me, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. My mascara changes regularly but at the moment I’m finding NYC’s cheap and cheerful ‘ShowTime’ to do the trick.

For a bronzed and glowing look I pair Bourjois’ bronzer with my favourite highlighter from MAC dusted across the cheekbones and on the browbones. By intensifying both the products, you get more of an evening appropriate look.

And finally for a pink simple lip I've picked out MAC’s well-loved liptick in cremecup, and a slightly shimmery gloss.


What's in Your Pocket - £20 Challenge!

You  may well have read some other posts about this awesome idea from You can read in more detail about it here: The idea is to 'celebrate life's little wins', for example, when you find an old £20 in your pocket. (Don't you just love finding money you forgot about?) I was asked what I would do if I were to suddenly find a twenty pound note, and was kindly given the money to complete the challenge by spending the money in any way I wanted!

When I first heard about the twenty pound challenge, I immediately envisaged browsing my local Debanhams beauty department, picking out my favourite MAC or NARS product and then gleefully carrying it home in its beautiful chic black bag. But I swallowed these slightly selfish visions when Jonny, my boyfriend, made a passing comment about how he wished he had the money to go and see a Premier League football match at nearby Villa Park that was being advertised at Uni. Being the poor students that we are, he couldn't afford to spend the £20 (perfect amount, flukey or what?!) on the heavily discounted tickets that were being sold by the football appreciation society. I sadly cannot share his appreciation for football; it is SO not my thing, but here was the perfect way to spend the £20!

Mich (left) and Jonny (right) being excitable! And just to clarify, they're both straight!
As the match (between Aston Villa and Manchester City) is on Monday (4th March), I can't show you any photos of the actual event yet, but Jonny and his best friend Mich who will be going with him are super excited! :) They're going to be sitting on the front row, right next to where the managers will be sitting, and I'm reliably informed that it is going to be an incredible experience. I want to say a huge thank you to MoneySupermarket for the opportunity to frivolously spend money on someone and make them very happy indeed, it's a wonderful feeling.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lime Spring

I cannot wait for Spring! It's so bitterly cold and windy up here in the North at the moment, and I'm just so desperate to wear shorts and show off tanned legs again! This is just the kind of outfit I'd put together if the sun magically appeared tomorrow:

Lime Spring

$18 -

$260 -

$120 -

$27 -


Dupe Find - Essie's Mint Candy Apple

Essie - Mint Candy Apple // £7.99
17 - Mint Choc Chip // £2.99

Essie's Mint Candy Apple is probably their most popular shade and is constantly sold out in stores. Months ago I picked up 17's Mint Choc Chip and realised that, although it doesn't look it in the photo (sorry!) it's the exact same shade. I wouldn't say there's a huge amount of difference in the quality of the polish either, so if you've been lusting after the Essie version I'd have to recommend you try the 17 one.


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Clothing Haul! // Brandy Melville & BooHoo

Two very lovely packages turned up at my front door yesterday - an order from Boohoo, and an even more exciting one  from Brandy Melville.
Brandy Melville is an American brand with only one rumoured shop in London (as far as I can tell) but their range of tops is just perfect for the summer and I couldn't resist placing an international order. Don't forget though, if you order internationally don't forget that you'll have to pay import taxes.

I picked up 8 adorable summery strappy tops. I must not buy any more summer tops from now on, if I do you have permission to tell me off in the comments! Several are see-through so I'll be wearing a bandeau with them (or bikini while on holiday!)

Brandy Melville also has the cutest jewellery ever, and I happily could have bought out the whole store, but I managed to restrict myself to just some rings:

I particularly love the bow one and the one with a teeny turquoise gem.

From Boohoo I just got two cardigans. The first has cute lace detailing at the top and on the shoulders, and the second is a navy boyfriend cardi.

Has anyone else made any naughty orders recently? If you've written a haul blog post recently I'd love to hear about it :)


Thursday, 21 February 2013


I've put together a few pieces I've been lusting over (how stunning are those wedges??) to form a look for evening drinks or perhaps a fancy late night meal. I wish I was brave enough to wear an outfit this striking with a cut out dress, a leather jacket and vampy lip.

Red Lip

$155 -

$335 -


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What's On My Bedside Table?

Just to warn you guys, this isn't going to be like a lot of those other 'What's on My Bedside Table?' posts, where there's about 4 or 5 perfect white/cream items, everything matches and the whole thing is like something out of tumblr. My Uni room is cluttered and mis-matched, but I love seeing into other people's rooms so I thought I've give you a peek into mine!

Too Much Stuff! The photo frame was given to me by my boyfriend (first photo) and my friend (second photo)
Current pile of books to read
I have a slight obsession with rubber duckies!
Oh Hello Morph!
Couldn't live without HandFood // My Little Earring Pot // Starbucks Tumbler
Faking it with the Flowers

If you've done a bedside table post, please post it in the comments :)


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sloppy Sunday

I've been really enjoying putting outfits together recently, so here's another outfit idea post (let me know if you don't want loads of these!) I picked out some gorgeous causal pieces for a beginning of spring lazy Sunday.

Sloppy Sunday


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fancy Date Outfit

A few pieces I would put together (If only I actually owned them!) for a fancy date.. *Dreams about a cupcake date at a luxurious cafe in London*

Fancy Date Outfit
My Obsession with Turquoise continues...

$60 -

$770 -

Friday, 15 February 2013

My Soppy Valentines Day ♥

*** DISCLAIMER! If you hate soppy couple posts, click off right now! ***

Personally I love hearing about other people's relationships, soppy stories and Valentine's days, because I'm a sucker for all things lovey-dovey and because I'm insanely nosey!
My day started with breakfast brought to me in bed (so cute!) followed by card and present opening in bed. I got him a microphone for voice and guitar recording which he's wanted since forever, and he got me one of those plastic Starbucks tumblers which I've also wanted for AGES. After lectures we spent the afternoon doing uni work on our laptops whilst listening to music, before he had a football match and I had a dance class (stereotypical or what?!). In the evening we had a wonderful meal at good old Pizza Express, and headed home for a movie. All in all a wonderful relaxed day :)

The Mess from Presents ♥ Dough Balls are Incredible ♥ Guitar Playing ♥ Starbucks Tumbler ♥ Hot Chocolate ♥  Toaties ♥ Me ♥ Him ♥ Valentines Cards ♥ Envelopes ♥ 'Working' ♥ Microphone 

Did you do anything for Valentines or are you against the whole idea? I'd love to know.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Work Out Bras!

This is a pretty random post, but if you're similarly trying to get fit (or stay fit) like I am, this might be interesting. I picked up these two sports bras from Sports Bra Bar (cool name, like a bar for bras?!) and as they're Nike branded they were a little on the pricey side, but hey, nice workout clothes seem to make me workout better!

These are both the 'Shape Bra with large Swoosh', and I picked one in a red and black colour and one in a more retro combination of lilac and pink. They're definitely more for the smaller busted women out there as they don't offer a huge amount of support, but they offer more all the support I need for my (sadly) small little pair. As expected with Nike they have Dri-fit technology, meaning you don't seem to get quite as sweaty when you're working out.

Generally a very good sports bra, and one I'd definitely recommend!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another New Bag (Oops!)

Yes, I bought another new bag. Eek. How do I justify this one? Well, after a mix up on (do be careful if you sign up, charges do get confusing), I was left with a credit worth £35, which had to be spent on the website. So I just HAD to buy something!
I went for a bag that I wouldn't normally go for, as I normally pick bags that are neutral or dark colours; a dark dark red, black, brown, grey, beige etc. This is the Grand Central Station (love the name), a bright pink  (Whahooooo!) medium sized handbag, with short and long straps, and gold hardware. It also comes in grey and brown.

Mmmm, is anything better than a brand new bag? (No)

It comes with a detachable inner pocket, held on with two poppers (is that what you call those things??) which is leopard print. I'm not really a animal print type gal, but I can see myself sometimes loving this, and sometimes quite disliking this. Thankfully I can take it out when I'm not in the right mood!

Simple Closure
It seems pretty sturdy and fairly good quality. It's also a really nice size and has a spacious interior as the bag widens towards the base.

Fancy lining (ooh!) and a cheeky side view

Popper thingys (!) and taking out the inner pocket

Another fancy angle for you, get me!

This will be a great bag for brightening up dark winter outfits and I'm pretty excited to start wearing it. Does anyone else have a slightly worrying bag addiction?


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

iPad tips and tricks - how to get the most out of your iPad

After having a lovely response to my Best iPad Apps post, I thought you guys might be interested in learning (or reminding yourself of) a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your snazzy gadget!
Although I have things against Apple (the way it helps society be consumerist, it's overpriced products, and the controversy over how they treat their workers), when I won (yes, won!) my iPad mini, I'll admit I did jump around my room with excitement! Since I've had it, it's become a vital piece of my day-to-day life and I've picked up quite a few ways to really make the most of it. You may know most of these tips but if you're an i-Newbie like I was, this might help you out.

1. Get the Kindle App

Whilst the iBooks app is good, with many free books to get your paws on, the free Kindle App gives you access to literally thousands of free books via the Amazon Kindle-store. Just download the App, and then open Safari, go to the Amazon Kindle store and browse the Bestsellers for various categories  On the right hand column are the free books! You can get everything from romance, thrillers to Cookery!
The Kindle App & Kindle Store

2. Learn those Finger Gestures!

Apple have invented a few finger 'gestures' to help you get around your iPad quicker:

 Switch between running apps by swiping four fingers to the left

♥ View your apps bar at the bottom of the screen by swiping up with four fingers

♥ Minimise your current app by pinching with five fingers

 Separate the keyboard for easier typing by expanding two fingers

3. Close Your Apps

Closing applications when you're not using them actually saves a huge amount of battery life (little did I know!) Just click and hold to reveal the minus sign to close the app.

4. Do Not Disturb!

When you're in a lecture, in bed, or anywhere else where you really don't need the distraction of notifications going off, use the Do Not Disturb feature. You can find it in the Settings App, and it just prevents your iPad from alerting you for as long as you choose to have it on. You can even schedule it to stop your iPad disturbing you for certain times everyday!
Close your apps!  & the 'Do Not Disturb Function'

5. Capture Your Screen

Capturing the image on you screen may seem kind of pointless, but in fact it's really useful. I capture online timetables that I'll need to look at later when I don't have internet, confirmation emails for orders (as proof of purchase), websites with really cool designs and all kinds of other stuff. To capture your screen, just press the lock button (top right) at the same time as the home button (the main button), and the image will be saved to your photos.

I hope you've learnt or reminded yourself of something from this post and if you have any other tips or tricks please let me know in the comments :)


Saturday, 2 February 2013


I was bored this morning, and decided to attempt Michelle Phan's latest Nail Tutorial. It's a bit early yet for Valentines nails, but hopefully I can do them better on Feb 14th (They were pretty messy this time!) Instead of using plasters (band aids) as Michelle did, I used a piece of Sellotape, having taken of some of the stickiness by sticking it onto the back of my hand a couple of times, and it worked fine.

Colours used:
Cheapie Gold Polish - I have no idea what brand, sorry!
Essie - 'Too Too Hot'
Sally Hanson - 'First Kiss'