Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another New Bag (Oops!)

Yes, I bought another new bag. Eek. How do I justify this one? Well, after a mix up on (do be careful if you sign up, charges do get confusing), I was left with a credit worth £35, which had to be spent on the website. So I just HAD to buy something!
I went for a bag that I wouldn't normally go for, as I normally pick bags that are neutral or dark colours; a dark dark red, black, brown, grey, beige etc. This is the Grand Central Station (love the name), a bright pink  (Whahooooo!) medium sized handbag, with short and long straps, and gold hardware. It also comes in grey and brown.

Mmmm, is anything better than a brand new bag? (No)

It comes with a detachable inner pocket, held on with two poppers (is that what you call those things??) which is leopard print. I'm not really a animal print type gal, but I can see myself sometimes loving this, and sometimes quite disliking this. Thankfully I can take it out when I'm not in the right mood!

Simple Closure
It seems pretty sturdy and fairly good quality. It's also a really nice size and has a spacious interior as the bag widens towards the base.

Fancy lining (ooh!) and a cheeky side view

Popper thingys (!) and taking out the inner pocket

Another fancy angle for you, get me!

This will be a great bag for brightening up dark winter outfits and I'm pretty excited to start wearing it. Does anyone else have a slightly worrying bag addiction?



  1. Lush bag! It's seriously gorgeous - I have a similar one in a grey colour. I'm addicted to bags too!

  2. This bag is gorgeous! I'm not sure I could pull off something so bright though but I really do love it. Haven't heard the best things about JustFab so daren't try it!

    Christina x

  3. This bag is beautiful!

  4. Your bag is gorgeous

    A little bit Unique


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