Wednesday, 6 February 2013

iPad tips and tricks - how to get the most out of your iPad

After having a lovely response to my Best iPad Apps post, I thought you guys might be interested in learning (or reminding yourself of) a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your snazzy gadget!
Although I have things against Apple (the way it helps society be consumerist, it's overpriced products, and the controversy over how they treat their workers), when I won (yes, won!) my iPad mini, I'll admit I did jump around my room with excitement! Since I've had it, it's become a vital piece of my day-to-day life and I've picked up quite a few ways to really make the most of it. You may know most of these tips but if you're an i-Newbie like I was, this might help you out.

1. Get the Kindle App

Whilst the iBooks app is good, with many free books to get your paws on, the free Kindle App gives you access to literally thousands of free books via the Amazon Kindle-store. Just download the App, and then open Safari, go to the Amazon Kindle store and browse the Bestsellers for various categories  On the right hand column are the free books! You can get everything from romance, thrillers to Cookery!
The Kindle App & Kindle Store

2. Learn those Finger Gestures!

Apple have invented a few finger 'gestures' to help you get around your iPad quicker:

 Switch between running apps by swiping four fingers to the left

♥ View your apps bar at the bottom of the screen by swiping up with four fingers

♥ Minimise your current app by pinching with five fingers

 Separate the keyboard for easier typing by expanding two fingers

3. Close Your Apps

Closing applications when you're not using them actually saves a huge amount of battery life (little did I know!) Just click and hold to reveal the minus sign to close the app.

4. Do Not Disturb!

When you're in a lecture, in bed, or anywhere else where you really don't need the distraction of notifications going off, use the Do Not Disturb feature. You can find it in the Settings App, and it just prevents your iPad from alerting you for as long as you choose to have it on. You can even schedule it to stop your iPad disturbing you for certain times everyday!
Close your apps!  & the 'Do Not Disturb Function'

5. Capture Your Screen

Capturing the image on you screen may seem kind of pointless, but in fact it's really useful. I capture online timetables that I'll need to look at later when I don't have internet, confirmation emails for orders (as proof of purchase), websites with really cool designs and all kinds of other stuff. To capture your screen, just press the lock button (top right) at the same time as the home button (the main button), and the image will be saved to your photos.

I hope you've learnt or reminded yourself of something from this post and if you have any other tips or tricks please let me know in the comments :)



  1. These are some really great tips! I didn't know all these finger gestures, so this was really helpful. My birthday is in a couple of weeks, and an iPad mini is at the top of my list. Not sure I'll get it, but I really want one. Awesome post! :)
    xx, Siri

    1. Thank you! I really hope you get one, they're just great :) Also, it's kind of funny your name is Siri, this being an iPad post :p Your blog looks amazing by the way, I followed :) XX

  2. Thanks for the tips :D I can't wait to try them out on my Ipad

    New follower, would love you to stop by my blog if you get a chance

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    1. This is so funny because I actually already started following your blog yesterday! Thanks for following :D

  3. You and your boyfriend(I think, and I hope I'm not wrong, so sorry if I am!) are so cute!

    1. Haha yes that's my boyfriend, thank you! XX


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