Thursday, 28 February 2013

What's in Your Pocket - £20 Challenge!

You  may well have read some other posts about this awesome idea from You can read in more detail about it here: The idea is to 'celebrate life's little wins', for example, when you find an old £20 in your pocket. (Don't you just love finding money you forgot about?) I was asked what I would do if I were to suddenly find a twenty pound note, and was kindly given the money to complete the challenge by spending the money in any way I wanted!

When I first heard about the twenty pound challenge, I immediately envisaged browsing my local Debanhams beauty department, picking out my favourite MAC or NARS product and then gleefully carrying it home in its beautiful chic black bag. But I swallowed these slightly selfish visions when Jonny, my boyfriend, made a passing comment about how he wished he had the money to go and see a Premier League football match at nearby Villa Park that was being advertised at Uni. Being the poor students that we are, he couldn't afford to spend the £20 (perfect amount, flukey or what?!) on the heavily discounted tickets that were being sold by the football appreciation society. I sadly cannot share his appreciation for football; it is SO not my thing, but here was the perfect way to spend the £20!

Mich (left) and Jonny (right) being excitable! And just to clarify, they're both straight!
As the match (between Aston Villa and Manchester City) is on Monday (4th March), I can't show you any photos of the actual event yet, but Jonny and his best friend Mich who will be going with him are super excited! :) They're going to be sitting on the front row, right next to where the managers will be sitting, and I'm reliably informed that it is going to be an incredible experience. I want to say a huge thank you to MoneySupermarket for the opportunity to frivolously spend money on someone and make them very happy indeed, it's a wonderful feeling.



  1. You are so selfless! Do you go to Birmingham City Uni by any chance?! :) xxx

    1. I'd rather not say as I've heard other bloggers say you shouldn't say exactly where you're studying, but I can confirm I'm at one of the unis in Birmingham haha!


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