Sunday, 17 March 2013

GFC PANIC // Where have I been?

First of all I must say a big sorry for my absence in the blogging world recently. I've had our University Dance Show during the last week, with 4 evening performances and 1 matinee! It's been SO much fun, but hasn't left me much time for anything else! When I get the professional photos back I'll defs show you guys in a separate post :)


The End Of GFC?
Also, you must have heard by now about the mass panic caused by Google announcing the end of Google Reader. Apparently this might also mean the end of Google Friend Connect, which is how most of you follow my blog. AHHHH! What everyone seems to be doing (even if it's just a precaution for now) is following all their blogs on Bloglovin' instead. Bloglovin' is a lovely site and easy to use for keeping up with your blogs so I've migrated over there. If you want to keep following this blog, please start following with Bloglovin' by clicking on the button in the right-hand sidebar, ta!
Alternatively, you can directly start following ALL the blogs you currently follow using GFC, by clicking on the following link. (Make sure you have a bloglovin' account all set up first). (then click on Google Reader)

See you on Bloglovin'!



  1. Can't wait to see the pictures!
    It's so annoying about GFC, but bloglovin' isn't too bad I guess,
    I'm following you on there now :)

  2. It annoyed me so much when they announced the closure of Google Reader! I've spent the past few evenings adding all my current subs to my Mac Mail RSS reader - fingers crossed that they dont ever think about getting rid of blogger otherwise there will be a hoard of very very angry bloggers!

    1. There would be an uprising! Haha! XX

  3. Really upset about GFC too. Following you on Bloglovin' (:
    xx S.

  4. Hope you had a great show!
    V upset about this change too, luckily bloglovin let me import all my blogs into that so I can still read lovely posts from lovely blogs like yours!!

  5. Can´t wait to see the pics!
    Yes, this thing of GFC is annoying, mostly because, what if some of your followers don´t realize it is changing? I don´t want them to lose updates and such. I am following you on bloglovin´ :)

  6. You're a dancer too?? I have a show coming up end of April (3 evening performances and 2 matinee) Nice blog! I'm giving away an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette on my blog, might want to check that out ;)



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