Monday, 4 March 2013

IOTW (Issue of the Week) - Wet wipes for your bum??

I've decided to start up my first regular feature on this blog (Wahoo!) Around the weekend I'll be covering an issue, big or small  that's caught my attention during the week. Hopefully this will be interesting and maybe bring about some discussions :) So here we go for this weeks issue!

When I was at the Bullring Shopping Centre the other day, there was a massive Andrex stall, handing out free packs of their new 'Washlets' for free. This odd new product is pretty much a wet tissue wipe to use alongside regular toilet paper. You've probably heard their slogan somewhere - "Change what you mean by Clean".
In my opinion, this is quite ridiculous. If you shower at least once a day, you're going to be clean enough  anyway, unless you're got some problem or other down there. For most people, unless perhaps you're on your time of the month, or suffering from nasty symptoms of the flu, I don't see why you'd use these on a daily basis. At near enough £2 for a pack of 42, the cost will add up for something that gives no health benefits and no visible difference(!) As far as I'm concerned, Andrex, like many brands, is once again trying to sneakily persuade us that we 'need' to purchase this new product, or we should now be made to feel 'dirty' if we stick to normal loo roll.

Whilst it feels weirdly luxurious to wipe down there with a moistened and fragranced little towelette (!), it is for me an unnecessary expense that I'd much rather spend on something else.
Have any of you spent your money on Washlets, or are planing to?



  1. I definitely agree with you, it's just an unnecessary expense.

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