Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Week In Pictures #2

This week was show week! I performed in the University Dance Show, which we'd worked on for about ten weeks in classes. I took part in 8 dances and had such an awesome time. Shows always bring everyone together backstage and you get so much adrenalin! Here's a few photos from my wonderful week:
(Professional photos will go up when I've got them!)

From left to right in rows from the top:

Easter chick at Philosophy lunch ♥ Snuggling up with my hot water bottle! ♥ Church evening ♥ Striking a pose! ♥ Aww dance fwiends! (Inbetweeners reference!) ♥ Musical Theatre costumes ♥ Body Scrubs ♥ Our Irish Class ♥ 

From left to right in rows from the top:

New iPad Case ♥ Musical Theatre Class ♥ I got a Navel Piercing! ♥ NOTD ♥ Church evening ♥ A happy bunny!

Tomorrow is the last day of my uni term and then I'm off home for a month! I hope you've had a lovely jubly week!



  1. Great pictures! Looks like you've had a lovely week :)


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