Monday, 15 April 2013

25 Facts About Me Tag

This one's been floating around the bloggosphere for months now, so here's my 25 facts. I hope you get to know me better!

1. I mix up the fullfat milk with the skimmed milk to get semi-skimmed milk, it works, honestly!

2. I want to own a teeny tiny dog, like Mr Marbles (Jenna Marble's dog)

3. I also want to have a black and white cat, and name him oreo.

4. I can't stand drinking coffee (or tea for that matter) but the smell of coffee is one of my favourite smells.

5. I'm an only child.

6. I only wear a full face of makeup maybe once or twice a week. The rest of the time it's just a bit of concealer, mascara, and some powder through my brows.

7. I'm a Christian and go to church twice a week, I love it.

8. I eat ketchup with almost everything. Like ketchup with baked beans and ketchup with gravy.

9.  I broke my nose the one and only time I played rugby. 

10. I got my grade 8 piano. I still don't quite know how.

11. My reaction to any emotion is to cry - anger, happiness, sadness - I just cry!

12. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years.

13. The thing I find most annoying in the world is people eating and chewing loudly.

14. I make lists about absolutely everything.

15. I'm studying Philosophy at University which sounds smart but it's really hard.

16. I love food a bit too much - Chinese, Indian, Traditional English, and especially Italian.

17. I've done ballet since I was four and still do it at University.

18. I often think to myself in an American accent. I don't know which is weirder, the fact that I think to myself as an audible voice, or the fact that it's American, when I'm British. Hmmm.

19. I've read all the Harry Books at least ten times.

20. I'm 5'4" tall, which I keep telling people is the average female height, but I'm the smallest person in my friendship group by a long way!

21. I don't have a clue what my career will be. I'd quite like to work in hospitality, maybe something to do with weddings, but that's only an idea.

22. I bit my nails down to little stumps up until the age of 17, when I finally started to be less anxious about stuff.

23. I cannot wait to get my own apartment or house and decorate it how I want. I've got so many ideas.

24. I have never ever been to a gym.

25. I'm ashamed of myself for being addicted to Made In Chelsea.


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  1. i completely agree with 16.. they're the best types of food!

  2. You're so pretty!
    I don't have a career in mind either, I'm only 16 though haha, my school pressure us so much and tell us we need to know now when I have no idea :(
    Great post and great facts about yourself!

    Beauty/Fashion blog

  3. helloooo! i haven't really seen enough of your posts yet so i'm probably going to read a couple more, but this was really interesting! xxx

  4. I'm a Christian too! My biggest pet peeve at the moment is people chewing loudly too! It annoys me sooooooo much! Is it really that that hard to chew quietly?!

  5. Such interesting facts! I've never been to the gym before either haha! x

  6. I'm Christian too :) and I love church as well. hi can we be friends?

    Adie x

    1. I sneaked over to your blog and followed, it's adorable! And I'd love to talk more, that would be awesome :) XX

  7. Thumbs up to you for studying philosophy! I know way too many people that never made it to the end of that degree..

    great blog! you have a new follower ;)
    check out my blog if you have a moment


    1. Also - always great to see a fellow sister in Christ blogger :)

    2. Thank you for following :) And I hope I make it too the end :s XX

  8. Yay, a fellow Ballerina :) although I'm far from amazing, aha, I love your blog Amy & I love Koalas :D love Jade xxx

  9. Love these posts! and 14 that is so me ahahaa :P and 20...i'm 5'4" too yay for being the average ;) and last but not least 25 I LOVE MIC but I'm not the slightest bit ashamed hehee


  10. Nice post! I make lists about everything too!!

  11. You are so sweet! New follower :) Come check out !

    xo, Naomi

  12. Loved this post! I'm studying Philosphy in college now (last year) and I find it hard so I'd hate to think of what it must be like in UNI! Love your blog :)
    Much love,
    Jessica xo


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