Friday, 19 April 2013

30 Ways to save £1!

The wonderful recently got in contact with me again and asked me to share with you guys up to thirty ways to save £1, since it's the 30th Anniversary of the £1 this month. (Neat idea!) You can check out how to take part here. With such an expensive habit in high-end beauty products, I am someone that needs all the advice I can get in being frugal, and I've picked up quite a few money-saving ideas along the way. Not sure I'll get to 30, but let's give it a go!. . . 

1.  If you really badly want something, add it to a wishlist (have a folder in your bookmarks in your browser) and tell yourself if you still feel the same way about said item in a month's time, you will let yourself get it.

2. If an item is particularly expensive, tell yourself you will only buy it if it enters the sale of the site/shop at a certain price.

3. If you have a smartphone, take it with you on big shopping trips. Then look up the item and see if you can get it cheaper online (this is usually the case!)

4. Enter competitions for large items that you are lusting over, like TVs, ipads and even cars. I won my ipad mini from a competition!

5. Scout the end of isles in every supermarket you visit. That's where the deals are generally put.

6. If you drive, learn to drive in a fuel efficient manner, I did this and it actually saves loads (according to my Mum who pays for the petrol haha!)

7. Learn to haggle. I haggled for my phone contract and have everything I need (including internet and unlimited texts) for under £4 a month!

8. Check out your local charity shops ever so often, you might find little gems for a fraction of the price.

9. Never buy CDs and DVDs from supermarkets or HMV-type stores. Always check out Amazon or e-bay first.

10. If you walk to work, pick up money from the street. I recently read an article where a woman picked up hundreds of pounds alltogether for doing this for just a year!

11. This is a bit of a nasty one, but 'if it's brown, flush it down... if it's yellow, let it mellow!' Reallly does save on water bills, but maybe not one to do when you've got guests!

12. Similarly, try to take showers that are only a couple of minutes long, and turn off the shower whilst shampooing your hair or doing any other shower things where you don't actually need the water running!

13. If you're going on a day trip, set yourself a budget for the day, and only take that amount in cash. That way you can't go over your set allowance.

14. Make do and mend! Leaning just a little bit about sewing can save you from buying tons of new tops, cardigans etc.

15. Also make your own greetings cards; people appreciate them so much more since they're personal, and you're not forking out £4 for a folded piece of card.

16. If you're a big reader, join your local library! It'll save you a lot of money on paperbacks!

17. A classic - turn that thermostat down! Even two degrees will save a ton of money over the course of a year, and you won't notice the difference.

18. Remove the stamps that haven't been stamped with the black ink from their envelopes by steaming them off, and then reuse them on your own envelopes.

19. If you have a garden and your the green-fingered type, start growing your own veg, fruit and herbs.

20. Buy energy saving lightbulbs.

21. Switch off lights and appliances that don't actually need to be on. Get into the habit of doing so. You'll soon realise how wasteful you were.

22. Get the Boots and Superdrug loyalty cards. If you buy as many beauty products as I do the points will soon add up and you'll save a fortune!

23. Only fill the kettle up with as much water as you need. Boiling a kettle actually takes a ton more electricity than you'd think.

24. Calling a friend? Check and see if you get free landline calls at a certain time of day and if you don't, see if you can Skype them instead. That way it's free AND you get to see their beautiful face ;)

25. Buy supermarket branded stuff instead of the original brands. You might be surprised at how good the taste is for a fraction of the price!

26. Cook stuff in huge batches and then freeze it. You'll be thankful you don't have to pay good money for a takeaway when you need a quick meal.

27. Get a nectar card and use it EVERYWHERE.

28. Liftshare! You'll get to know people better too :)

29. Write down everything you spend for one month and then look over it. You'll see then where you can easily cut back and where you can even afford to spend a little more!

30. Well it's got to be to use!

I'm out of money-saving ideas for now, but let me know yours down below :)



  1. Great post! There are some really usual tips here!

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  2. These are some really interesting tips!

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  3. This is an amazing list! I can't believe you won an ipad mini from a competition, you're so lucky! And I never thought of looking at the end of isles in supermarkets, definitely going to take these on board.

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  4. These were so helpful, I love loyalty cards! :)

  5. So helpful thank you!

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