Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The BodyShop's Grapeseed Glossing Serum Review

I purchased this glossing serum (normally £7) from the BodyShop in one of their huge sales, as I wanted to try out some BodyShop haircare for the first time. This little bottle has lasted months and gives a really nice gloss to your hair. I use just three or four pumps as I have pretty thick hair, and run it through the lower half of my hair just after curling it. It really gets rid of flyaways and is really good for dealing with static too! If you want a crazy shine to your hair then this probably isn't for you, but it does give a healthy sheen. It also makes your hair feel super silky - I have to tell myself to stop touching my hair haha!
The scent is quite fruity and I personally really like it, although I can see some people probably hating it. Also I believe the packaging has changed to a smaller stumpier bottle, but the product is still the same.
Overall, not a miracle product, but certainly a nice one.



  1. i hear this stuff is awesome i wanna try it!

  2. I'm really rubbish with haircare and use so few products! Will have to check this out as one of the things I want is glossier locks! xo


  3. I'm looking for a new serum to try out.. maybe i'll look for this next time im out..

    thanks for the review!


  4. I love fruity smells, I might check this out, it's a good price too!

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  5. Great review hun! I may give this one a go, I am curious to see how it will work on me! :)) Love that it has fruity smell! <3



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