Friday, 12 April 2013

Homemade LipScrub

Chances are you've already got all the ingredients to make this sugary Lip Scrub, and you only need a little bit of each of them, so it hardly costs a thing! It also really works - if you massage a pinch or so in for about two minutes it leaves your lips feeling and looking soft, plump and gorgeous :)

Here's what you'll need (plus a bowl to mix it in & a tablespoon!):

The Maple syrup or vanilla essence is just for flavouring so it's not essential. (And excuse that cheeky chappy in the background, he's actually a garlic holder!)

Making it is easy peasy:

Pop it in a container (I used an old sample pot): 

I'm unlikely to ever buy another lip scrub now, this one does the job so well! Let me know if you try making your own, or if your already a DIY lip scrub convert!


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  1. Wow, I really want to try it now! Need to go out and buy some honey though ahah!

    Beauty/Fashion blogger

  2. Awesome idea! Definitely going to try this one as I just ran out of Lush scrub and their's is £4.95.. Will save me a few pennies for sure.

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

  3. Hey Amy,
    Iove your blog and have nominated you for a liebster award. Check it out


  4. This looks great! I never even thought to put Vaseline in my lip scrub, what a great healing idea! I just made one this morning with plain sugar and olive oil which works wonders but I might give this one a go as well(: Thanks for the DIY!


  5. Yours turned out perfect! Mine is always too liquidy xx

  6. Oh wow, great idea! Will definitely have a go!

  7. I've never tried this with vaseline before

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  8. Great idea, thanks for tutorial! :)

  9. Good to know! I'll definitely have to mix some up!

  10. This is a brilliant idea, I'm definitely gunna try this because I get the dryest lips in the world, aaand it saves some cash so win win!!

    Check out my blog :)

  11. This is such an amazing idea, gonna have to make it myself in a while! Great gift ideas too with a pretty little tub :) x

  12. I love making my own lip scrubs, I do it with body scrubs too and it works so well :) gorgeous blog! I'm a new follower x


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