Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Week In Pictures #4

A busy week for me this week! AGAIN, apologies for the ridiculous lack of blog posts, I've been in sunny Skegness at the Christian event Spring Harvest which happens every year around Easter time. Basically we all met up twice a day (about 3000 people!) for incredible talks and worship, and spent the rest of the time just talking, chilling out on the beach and playing pool (which I found out I'm actually alright at, who'd have known.) This week I also celebrated four years with my lovely boyfriend, and we went out for a wonderful dinner at Cafe Rouge along with my parents. (Any excuse to stuff my face!)

Mr Blue Sky ♥ 4 Years Together ♥ Holiday Excitement ♥ First drink since before Lent! ♥ Banana Crepe Om Nom Nom ♥ Spring Harvest ♥ Piggy Back Time

I'm now faced with a huge pile of Uni work to finish. Wish me luck :s
Also, a quick reminder that I have finally joined the rest of the socially able world, and am on Twitter and Facebook (wowee!). You can follow me on twitter here:
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  1. Lovely pictures! Congratulations on your 4 years! The bf and I hit 3 years at the weekend :) Very jealous of the fact that you've actually found some sunshine!!

    1. Congrats to you too :D And I KNOW, it was crazy to find sunshine in Skegness of all places! XX


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