Sunday, 14 April 2013

Toni and Guy - Sea Salt Spray Review

I think I saw this product in one of Zoella's videos and since I love how she styles her hair, I had to pick this up whilst it was on sale on a while back. It's now £7.19 in boots, but it's quite a large bottle at 200ml. I suspect the main problem with this product is actually the packaging. The nozzle (I love the word nozzle. NOZZLE NOZZLE NOZZLE) doesn't distribute the liquid very evenly which makes it very hard to get the product where you need it, and you can get areas of your hair that are absolutely soaked with the stuff. I know this isn't just a problem with my bottle since many other reviews state this as a problem.

I can get a style I'm vaguely happy with, but it doesn't hold for more than ten minutes. To be honest, I expected a lot more from a fairly high end hair brand.
Another strange thing I found was that whilst I have nothing against the smell of this product, I weirdly had a few people tell me that my hair smelt like their dentist! Not really the scent I was going for!

So will I be repurchasing? No, I'm going to keep shopping around to find a salt spray that actually adds something to my look!


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  1. I've found most salt sprays are a bit rubbish unfortunately :( I'm yet to find a good one :/
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  2. Thats a shame its not what you were expecting - love your blog!


    1. Thank you for following :D XX

  3. I'm sure I had a salt spray from a Beauty Box somewhere in my make-up drawers, if I find it i'll let you know and will send it to you... I do absolutely nothing with my hair! lol

  4. Great, honest review hun! I was eyeing this for a while and I'm happy I didn't purchase it! (: Will probably try the Lush one!


  5. i love this product - it makes my hair mega curly! love the smell too as it reminds me of summer - not the dentist ;)


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