Friday, 21 June 2013

Weekend Wishlist #2 and my Absence

First of all I want to make a massive apology for going completely AWOL on blogging recently. I've really missed posting regularly and my only excuse is that my little design shop has really taken off and is taking up a huge amount of my time! I did not expect this at all and I am so thankful for any of you who have purchased a header or blog design, it's made me so happy to be doing something I love :) 
Anyway, onto the wishlist! In my last weekend wishlist, I was practically drooling over the Rebecca Minkoff 'Mini Mac' bag, this month I finally caved and bought it. I've never been so in love with a bag! I did a 'What's in my bag' post here, if you're a nosy parker like me. So now I am on a self-inflicted spending ban for a while, due to the impact that naughty purchase did to my wallet. Here's what I want to buy, but I can't *sob*.

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in 'Super Natural' // £6.99 (but £4.99 in Superdrug!)- Whilst this product has far too many 'supers' in the name, I recently bought the shade 'Kiss Me Coral', and have found it to be possibly the best formula I have ever tried. I am desperate to get my hands on every shade they have, but 'Super Natural' looks like a good everyday colour.

2. REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask // £27.00 - I've had such a lovely experience with my first REN mask, the 'Invisible Pores Detox Mask', that I am ready for fork out the money for their famous Glycolactic one. It's perfect for me as it's for congested and acne-prone skin types, and I've heard so many people rave about it.

3. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation // £33.00 - Having stuck faithfully by my Revlon Colourstay, rarely straying to any other foundations, I think it's high time I branched out and tried this cult classic. If any of you own this foundation please let me know your thoughts on whether it is really worth the price tag in the comments!

4. New Look Cream Floral Lace Swing Crop Top // £12.99 - Whilst I desperately need to get my stomach into shape before purchasing tops like these, I love the cute cut of this top, and I'm always a sucker for lace; it just makes you feel pretty whenever you wear it (or is that just me??)

5. Bobbi Brown Make-up Manual // £16.00 - I do love a good coffee table book. This one has got lots on information on 'natural beauty' - how to look after our looks through what we eat, as well as actual make-up tips.

Have a lovely weekend!

Amy xxx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

What's in Your Handbag?

I'd been wanting to write a 'What's in my handbag' type post for a little while, so when I saw that was running a competition to win a Mulberry Handbag (eek!) just for writing such a post, I wrote up my post straight away! are also offering 6 runners up £25 Asos vouchers each! *Beware, this is a photo-heavy post!* If you want to enter, click here for the details, and do let me know if you've done one of these posts; they're one of my favourites to read (probably because I'm wayyy to nosy). I also want to tag some of my favourite bloggers to do their own post and enter the competition: Ahem It's EmmeCarrie Brighton, A Scottish Lass, Ellis Rose and Simply Abby.

So, my handbag that I'm currently carrying is the Rebecca Minkoff 'Mini Mac' (Morning After Clutch) in black, with rose-gold hardware. This bag has done the rounds in the Youtube and Blogging communities, and I had wanted it for over a year when I finally caved and purchased it last week from Shopbop. It comes in various colours and several different sizes too, but I went for their smallest version, and picked black since that makes it more versatile. For a designer handbag, it's not too expensive, and even this mini size holds more than you would expect, so I'd 100% recommend this bag. It comes with it's own dustbag, which matches the interior lining, and the straps are adjustable to a shorted length, or removable completely. The leather is beautiful and feels ridiculously soft and smooth.

Now on to what's actually in my bag! This bag has the main compartment, two inner small pockets, and a small zipped compartment under the clasp on the front. In that front pocket I keep:
- My favourite face powder, Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
- A concealer for touch-ups; Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in Shade 1 Fair.
The inner pockets are a good place to keep things that need to be easily accessible:
- My phone (the Nokia Lumia 620) which is safe in the pocket from scraches from keys
- A couple of tissues
- My travel wallet, in which I keep my cards, ID and a bit of cash

Here's the content of my entire bag! It holds a lot more than you would think, and there's also space left over for my digital camera if I wanted to take that out too! I tend to take my re-usable Starbucks tumbler with me separately if I'm taking a drink as well. So here's what else I've got in there:
- Mints, for fresh breath!
- My Travelo which holds my signature perfume; Hugo Boss' Deep Red
- A Nars Blush, which I actually just have in there for the mirror for touch ups!
- A little packet full of painkillers and plasters just in case
- Boots Oil-absorbing blotting sheets, for if my face gets oily
- My favourite MAC lipstick in 'Jubilee' (see my review here)
- A Burt's Bees Lipbalm
- A Nail file
- Some throat lozenges (Tyrozetes)
- A mini Moleskine notebook for lists (I LOVE LISTS!)
- A pen
- My keys
- A Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in 'Kiss Me Coral'
- A Body Shop Mango Handcream
- A hairband and a few kirby-grips also wants to know how much the contents of your bag adds up to (including the bag itself!) , which I thought was interesting, so I've added up everything, and the grand total is (approx)...


So that's what's in my handbag! Comment below if you've done a similar post, and don't forget to enter the competition


Thursday, 6 June 2013

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask

Today I would like to introduce to you a gem of a product that I discovered a couple of months ago. I'm aware I'm rather late on the bandwagon with the REN facemasks! But I still wanted to do a post for anyone who hasn't yet discovered them, since my introduction into REN facemasks has made me see that they deserve all the attention they get.
With my combination skin and stupidly huge pores, I choose the Invisible Pores Detox Mask, which is recommended for combination to oily skin, and claims to "reduce the appearance of pore size and leave the skin purified, smoothed and toned". Well, that all sounds VERY nice! The clay-based product comes in a pump-bottle, making application easy. You apply a layer of the inoffensively-smelling mask all over the face, and wait until it dries. It dries to a darker shade, and you can literally see the oils where they have be pulled out from your pores. It's one of those disguising but somehow satisfying things! (Don't scroll down to the last picture if you're the sensitive type!) The results I get from this are very impressive; smaller pores, and such soft skin that makes applying foundation so much easier.

I would absolutely recommend you this product if you have similar skin to mine, and next on my list to try is the Glycolatctic Radiance Renewal Mask. What was your experience with the Invisible Pores mask? :)


Monday, 3 June 2013

May Beauty Favourites

May was a strange month for me; exams, final essays, and moving back home for the summer after the end of my second uni year. It is scary to think I've only got one year left of my course to go now! This month  I discovered and re-discovered some real beauty gems I wanted to share with you. As you can see, I've become a little obsessed with taking my blog photos in the garden, since summer has started to appear!

Real Techniques Blush Brush // £9.99 - I'm constantly adding to my Real Techniques brush collection and the blush brush is my latest addition. It's so soft and incredible at blending out colour.

Nars Blush in 'Deep Throat' // £21.50 - I've been using this classic all month. NARS' blush formula is perfect, and I love this colour for spring.

La Roche Possay Effaclar A.I // £7.00 - This is proving to be a really good alternative to the more expensive and much loved Super Spot Remover from Origins. I'll do a full review soon!

Maybelline Colour Tatoo in 'On and on Bronze' // £4.99 - I like to use this as a base for eyeshadow, or on it's own; it's such a pretty colour. The only downside is that this still creases on me after a few hours, even with a good primer.

MAC Omega Eyeshadow // £12.00 - I've been loving using this as my brow colour every day; it's a perfect match for me.

MAC Lipstick in 'Shy Girl' // £14.00 - In my favourite formula, Cremesheen, this is a coral-beigey-nude - exactly my kind of colour. You do have to reapply this one quite often though to keep the colour.

Link your May Favourites posts in the comments, I'd love to have a read!