Monday, 30 September 2013

Uni Room Tour!

I've just moved in to my uni house for my final year, so before it gets horrifically messy, I thought I'd show you around! I love seeing other people's room posts, mainly because I'm nosy, but also because you can get decor ideas for your own room. I've got a little attic room which is super cosy but has enough space to get my uni work done.

Make Up Storage // Muji
Cushions // Primark and Debenhams
Fairy Lights // The Fairy Light Company
Bunting // Homemade
Duvet Cover // Tesco


Saturday, 28 September 2013

September Favourites

Jodi Picoult Novels - I think I picked these up from a charity shop, and I can't believe someone gave them away; Jodi Picoult is already now my favourite author after reading just two of her books! The story lines are dramatic, emotionally hard-hitting, gripping and so real. She writes books that can really change your way of looking at the world and I would absolutely recommend these two - 'Perfect Match' and 'Picture Perfect'.

Clinique Super City Block (40spf)  - Last summer I would dread putting suncream on my face, as even the 'facial suncreams' which supposedly mattify your skin would leave my looking super shiny and cause me breakouts the next day without fail. I decided to invest in the Clinique Super City Block; a tinted sunscreen that can be worn alone or under foundation as a kind of primer. The tint doesn't cover a huge amount as it's a very sheer formula, but the product lasts all day, and I did not get burnt once on my holidays. My face also stayed relatively matte even without a powder, and I experienced no breakouts. Needless to say I'm very impressed and will definitely repurchase next spring.

Boots Oil-Absorbing Sheets - These blotting papers have been another summer staple for me. I've kept a pack in my bag everyday for slightly shiny moments; they mattify your face and the sheets are impregnated with salicylic acid - a great acne fighter.

Essie 'Delicacy' - Just one coat of this pretty pink polish gives the effect of a polished manicure. It's got teeny tiny shimmers in it and would actually be a lovely bridal polish.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold - For some reason this shade of Colour Tattoo is almost impossible to get your hands on, but I finally found one at the back of the Maybelline counter! As with the other shades, using a primer is essential, otherwise they crease like crazy, but it's the most gorgeous colour. I've been wearing it as a base, and blending a medium brown shadow into the crease just for definition.

If you've done a September Favourites post, please leave a link down below, I'd love to read yours!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Back To Blogging

As you've probably noticed, I took an unplanned hiatus from blogging, which turned from days, into weeks, into months over the summer. To be honest, there is no excuse really for my lack of posts; I suppose I'd just lost motivation and momentum, but after a few wonderful holidays (Tenerife, The Forest of Dean and a surprise Spa Break for my 21st!) I feel so rejuvenated and full of ideas, which makes me a very happy (and productive) bunny. I'm also now back at uni for my final year (if anyone has any ideas of what I should do with my life after graduation DO let me know), so with a more structured week schedule, blogging should be easier. There's SO many new products I want to review for you , and a uni room tour post coming up soon. I'll also be having a giveaway at 500 followers (bloglovin' is looking like it will reach that milestone first) including MAC, OPI, and lots of other goodies! So here's a few snaps of what I've been up to during my blogging break...  Tell me in the comments the best bits of your summers :)

In Rows from left to right from top:

One of MANY evenings in the pub ♥ Couple Photo in Tenerife ♥ Dolphins  "It's a View!" ♥ Climbing Trees in the Forest ♥ The Perfect Picnic Spot ♥ Shameless Selfie ♥ Cheesy Jumping Photo ♥ Spa Break Bucks Fizz and Cake ♥ 21st Birthday Meal ♥ Champers