Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Perfect Lipgloss?

Say Whaaaat? The perfect lipgloss? Surely not!

No really, I think I've found what could possibly be my favourite lipgloss formulation for life, in the humble Revlon Super-Lustrous Lipglosses. With a gorgeous range of seven shades, SPF 15 and a formula including moisturisers and vitamins, they've really got everything. When applied to the lips they're non-sticky and actually feel beneficial like a lipbalm. The colour is fairly long-lasting for a lipgloss, and the look it gives to the lips is gorgeous; shiny and very pigmented. I much much prefer these glosses to my NARS ones. For £6.99 (and three for two in Boots at the moment!), they're an absolute steal. 


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Boots and Superdrug Haul

You know when you seem to run out of loads of essentials all at the same time? Yep, that happened to me last week - time for a drugstore haul! Lots of this stuff isn't super interesting, but I like looking at what essentials other people pick up, so I thought I may as well share all that I got with you.

I normally use Morrison's own Make-up remover for getting off eye makeup, but there's not a Morrison's near where I live at the moment. I only like liquid removers, so I chose this Nivea one; hopefully it's effective! The superdrug facewashes are the only substance I've found that remove my favourite foundation (Revlon Colourstay). I like to put a pump on a cleansing wipe.

I picked up a new Revlon Colourstay in 'Buff', as I was running dangerously low. It's a great foundation for oilier skins, with a full coverage. Then I just had to get the Clinique Super Primer. I'm loving Clinique recently, and their Super Primer Face Primers colour correct a range of concerns - I got the one for correcting redness, but there's also ones for correcting sallowness and dullness. The most exciting purchase of the haul is the expert face brush. I love Real Techniques brushes, and I'm hoping this will live up to buffing brush I've been using to apply my foundation recently.

Boring but essential - Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo because I am cursed with a horrible scalp, two antibacterial handwashes, and two shower puffs (mine always fall apart after a month or so).

Anddd... A few random purchases. Sally Hansen's famous Insta-dri for drying nail polish quickly - why did I not get this sooner?? Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush body wash, as I'm obsessed with the scent from their sugar crush scrub, a deodorant, another bottle of my beloved Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser, and three packs of Boots own Blotting Papers (which are amazing and great value for money).

Send any links to hauls you've posted recently in the comments below :)


Friday, 25 October 2013

Top Five Autumn Winter Bag Picks

I'll admit it. I do have a slight bag addiction. At the moment, I'm loving large handbags in dark fabrics for Autumn/Winter. To curb my desire for another new bag purchase, I've done some serious shop surfing online, and have picked a few of my favourites currently out on the highstreet.

2 - Accessorize Mari Tote // £34 (In the Sale!)
3 - Warehouse Mini Clean Satchel // £20 (In the Sale!)
5 - Zara City Bag With Zips // £59.99


Sunday, 20 October 2013

One Body Scrub You Have To Try

I really don't have much to say about this amazing product, other than GET IT! It's got everything you could want in a scrub - gets rid of dry skin quickly, a great texture, an incredible scent and a reasonable price at £8 for a large tub in boots (plus it's often on 3 for 2). Sometimes I actually just open the tub and sniff it as the smell is just amazing; sweet and citrusy! I use mine once a week and that's enough to keep the dry skin away as long as I moisturise regularly as well.


Monday, 14 October 2013

NARS Orgasm Illuminator

I got the mini sample size of the NARS Orgasm Illuminator free with another purchase at least six months ago, and the fact that I still haven't used up the teeny tube shows that this isn't a winning product for me. It's a golden sparkly thick liquid which can be used as a highlighter, or worn under, over, or mixed with foundation to supposedly give a luminous glow. Whilst the swatch photo shows that alone the product looks promising, worn over foundation the product seems to just disappear, not really leaving any effect at all. Applied as a primer layer, even a CC cream covers the little luminosity it creates. I've been slowly using my tube up by mixing with foundation, but you need to thin your foundation down with the product a LOT in order to see any glowing effect - not good if you like a high coverage. All in all a very disappointing product; I'm only glad I didn't spend good money on it!


Saturday, 12 October 2013

OPI Nail Envy Review

Growing my nails to a reasonable length has always been an issue for me. I chewed my nails until the age of 16, and I think maybe that did some damage as they are incredibly weak and brittle; breaking at the slightest knock. I'd been looking around for a product that might help when I was lucky enough to win a bottle of OPI's Nail Envy. It's a nail strengthener, with wheat protein and calcium. You apply the product like a regular nail polish, with two coats, and then are instructed to apply a further coat after two days, and another two days after that, building up the layers. After another two days you remove all the polish and start the process again. This might sound like a lot of effort, but it dries so quickly, and believe me, the results are incredible.

Almost immediately I noticed that my nails simply weren't breaking! Even when I accidentally bent my nail backward on itself (ouch!), instead of cracking, the nail survived. After applying more Nail Envy, the line where it had bent back soon disappeared. I've gone through the whole process three times so far, and I think I've only experienced one broken nail in that entire time. My nails also look more healthy with a smoother surface, more healthy pink colour and obviously are longer. This product surpassed any expectations I had, and I feel like I've got a set of new nails!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Vaseline Spray And Go Moisturiser

It seems I'm all about time saving products recently (I'm obviously just an inherently lazy person), and my latest time saving love is Vaselines latest offering - their Spray and Go Body Moisturiser (£5.99).

I did a post a while back on Soap And Glory's Girligo, another spray on Moistuiser, but Vaseline's Spray and Go has knocked that out of the water. First of all, Spray+Go is more moisturising; I will always trust the Vaseline brand to bring out products that really work well. Second, it comes it different formulations - 'Total Moisture' (normal), 'Aloe Fresh' (obviously with aloe vera) and 'Coco radiant' (with coco butter and my personal favourite). It's also so much easier to use - it has a continuous spray nozzle, meaning even less effort and the ability to spray even pesky upside down areas! Spray+Go also has a closing top which makes it great for travelling, and the product absorbs relatively quickly - basically, it's got everything.
I am absolutely sold on this product and can see myself repurchasing again and again.


Monday, 7 October 2013

Autumn/Fall Essentials

Autumn Essentials

This Autumn I'm so excited about changing up what I'm wearing. I'm going to be layerying sweaters with jackets and scarves, and painting my nails darker more striking colours. Here's my essentials:

Pleather Biker Jacket

A-line Skirt

Cable Knit Sweater

Thick leggings (try Zara)

Red Polish

Floaty Scarf for layering

Statement Necklace

Satchel Bag


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers. Probably the most talked about eyelash curlers of all time. I had my last £3.50 pair for a year or so, before they literally fell apart in my hands. I then went for about a week without curling my lashes, and noticed that the cheapy pair hadn't really been doing anything at all! I decided to 'invest' in a pair of the hyped Shu Uemura Curlers. Whilst looking like any old pair of eyelash curlers, as soon as you pick them up you can feel they're a lot more sturdy and better built. They come in silver or gold, and a spare silicone refill pad is included. They're meant to be seriously long lasting, which I hope justifies the £20 price tag - I've heard of people using the same pair for 5 years!

The first time I used them, I was actually shocked. Maybe it was because I'd been using my crappy pair for so long, but the effect on my lashes was amazing. They give such a strong curl, it's actually possible to over-curl! I'd recommend squeezing the lashes once at the base and once half way up the lash in order to avoid the 'folded-over' lash effect and get a more natural curl. All in all I'm extremely happy with my purchase, and if I ever need to buy another pair of eyelash curlers, I won't be looking anywhere else.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Moisturising in the shower?

Initially when I saw this product in a TV ad I thought it was just a gimmick, but my extreme hatred of moisturising after my shower and having to wait until it dries to put clothes on prompted me to pick up a bottle. Nivea obviously couldn't decide what to call their product though - I mean "In-Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner"? Bleeurgh, what a mouthful. 

I went for the one for dry skin, rather than normal skin, and it really is super moisturising. After using your regular shower gel, you just rub the product all over, like you would with normal moisturiser, except then you rinse it off. So weird, but it actually works! I love stepping out the shower with soft moisturised skin, knowing there's no more time-consuming moisturising to do! There's a couple of downsides though - this works out as quite a bit more expensive than regular moisturiser at £3.56 per 250ml bottle (which goes very quickly) and you have to remember to wash the shower tray down after use, as it makes the floor super slippery. Although I do love this product, I think I'll only be picking it up when it's on offer (I'll stock up though!)