Friday, 6 December 2013

High End V Affordable Eyeshadow Primer Comparison

For those of us with oilier skins, an eyeshaow primer is absolutely essential, to prevent shadows from creasing, smudging, or blending together in a messy gloop. An eyeshadow primer can also make your shadows more vibrant and keep them from fading. Urban Decay's famous Primer Potion (the original) has been my weapon of choice for several years. However, when MUA released their Pro-Base Eye Primer, I wondered if this could possibly do a similar job at a fraction of the price. With Urban Decay's offering at £15 for 11ml and MUA's bargain product at £2.50 for 7.5ml, it's clear to see who wins on the price front.

Both primers are creamy, non sticky liquid formulas. Both have a skin-toned tint, which evens out the eyelid. MUA's Primer is a slightly more pink tone, which I actually prefer, but is a thinner consistensy, so doesn't give as much coverage. Urban Decay's Primer Potion is in a squeezy tube, so must be squeezed onto a finger, and then applied. MUA's Primer has a doe foot applicator so can be applied straight to the eye and then blended in. I like both methods equally, although Urban Decay's tube can be cut open and the last of the product salvaged when it's empty, so Urban Decay just scrapes it on the packaging front. When both primers are on my eyelids, they feel no different - they are both undetectable and light. Urban Decay's Primer Potion intensifies any colour placed upon it vividly. MUA's Primer brightens the colour, but not quite as much.

In terms of lasting power (the most important aspect for me), Urban Decay's Primer keeps my eyeshadow looking almost perfect for a whole day (8 hours), whereas MUA's Primer begins to fail at around 5 hours. For the price, MUA have really delivered with this eyeshadow primer. 5 hours is enough time for a whole evening out. I'll only be using my Urban Decay Primer Potion when I know I'll be out for a whole day from now on; otherwise it's MUA Pro-Base all the way!



  1. I'm a little ashamed but I actually have never used eyeshadow primer!
    Although, I love this alternative, definitely looks great! :D
    I think i'll try the MUA one first just to see how I get on!

    Kelly from :)

    1. Give it a go! I just popped over to your blog and it's gorgeous, I'm now following :)

  2. Good comparison and really interesting to read. Good advise there to save the more expensive primer for days when it's really needed :o). Xx

  3. For 2.50 pounds the MUA primer sounds amazing! I really like this comparison it's a great idea for people who want to figure out what primer to buy! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  4. Great comparison post!

    I'd totally recommend the MUA Eye primer, its the only primer I've ever used so I can't really compare, however, I love it that much I wouldn't feel the need to try anything else! :)

    Laura x

  5. I've tried the MUA primer (in the black tube - can't seem to find it in stores now?) and I really enjoyed using it. I'm a huge fan of UD too :)

    Stacey x


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