Monday, 9 December 2013

How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

With Oily/Combination skin, a key concern for me is making my makeup last all day. When you have such difficult skin, it's hard to find ways to keep your makeup looking good for any length of time. I want to share some of the products and tips that work for me, and hopefully help some of you out.

1. Start with a good base. Have your skin in the best condition it can be. If you've got combination skin, make sure to keep the skin moisturised to avoid flakey patches. Makeup with stick to these areas and won't last long at all. Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream is a great product for combination skins as it doesn't make the skin any oiler or cause breakouts, but keeps the skin soft and hydrated.

2. Thin layers are key. Every products that you use should be used sparingly. Make sure everything is applied smoothly, evenly, and buffed in.

3. Prime, prime, prime! My favourite eye primer is Urban Decay's Primer Potion, and I'm loving Clinique's SuperPrimers for the face. Primers create a smooth base for foundation, helping it last longer, and reduce shine throughout the day.

4. Use a suitable foundation. Find a BB Cream, CC Cream or Foundation that is right for your skintype. Revlon Colourstay for Oily/Combination skin is a long lasting foundation that doesn't react with my skin.

5. Apply a good powder. Press a small amount of powder onto the skin to set your foundation in places where you have covered blemishes. Use a large powder brush to dust a little powder over the entire face, and a dedicated small brush to set the concealer under your eyes. I'd recommend Rimmel Stay Matte  Pressed Powder as a great long lasting affordable powder.

6. Set it! Use a fixing or setting spray like MAC Fix + or an Urban Decay Setting Spray. These mists fix your makeup in place and protect it from heat and wind. Urban Decay's All Nighter even lowers the temperature of your makeup!

7. Blot! Remove excess oils throughout the day with blotting papers. I use Boots own Oil-Absorbing Sheets, which I've found to be as effective as more expensive brands.

Have you got any tips for making your make up last longer?



  1. Great post :) very helpful.
    xx Stephanie (

  2. Great recommendations! I've written a few down as I too have combination skin! x

  3. Very helpful post! I've never tried a setting spray but I think I need to try one!

  4. Always struggled with making my make up last all day. Good recommendations, now I want everything.


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