Thursday, 19 December 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Review and Swatches

Yes, I've gone with the blogger hype and jumped on the NAKED3 bandwagon, but who can blame me? Urban Decay shadows are my absolute favourite - so buttery, vibrant, wearable, and long-lasting. And a palette full of rose-gold hued tones? YES PLEASE. I've now been using the shadows over the last 5 days and I'm completely sold on this palette. For the daytime I prefer this palette over my beloved NAKED1, as the pink tones throughout the shadows make for such a pretty, natural and glowing look (There's a comparison photo down below so you can see the difference). As usual, you've got 12 shades, three matte, the rest shimmer, an urban decay brush (which I think is actually better quality than the last one) and four samples of the famous Primer Potions. My favourite shades in the palette are dust, buzz, trick and nooner. I do think UD has got some strange colour names though - saying "I've got nooner and dust on my eyes today" sounds a bit weird! All in all though, I'm loving Urban Decay's latest offering, and it's sure to be on a LOT of Christmas Wishlists this year!

Above - NAKED3 palette above compared to NAKED1 palette below


  1. It just look so pretty!

  2. Great post ! I just got this and am loving it !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  3. I got this recently and I looove it

  4. such gorgeous shades!
    i don't own any of the UD palettes yet :x

  5. it looks so gorgeous! i want it so much haha

  6. It's so pretty, I want it! :)

  7. Im not too sure if i want this? because i have the others and this looks kind of the same apart from the fact its pink toned

    1. I think palettes 1 and 2 are really similar, but the third one is the most different. For the day the colours are very different from the looks you can make with the original palette!

  8. I really want this palette!! Lovely shades!

  9. This palette is on my wishlist! The colours are gorgeous and my favourite out of all 3!

    Bella x


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