Thursday, 2 January 2014

Florascent Perfumes

Over the past year I've become quite intrigued by perfumes. I love how a scent can be matched to an outfit or occasion, and can be evocative of many different emotions. Florascent offer luxurious and organic perfumes, which means your scent isn't going to be the 'celebrity fragrance' everyone and their mum is wearing! These gorgeous perfumes are certainly at the top end of most people's budgets (£60-70), but the range of beautiful scents is amazing. I was scent three tiny vials of perfume to try and each of them are stunning. Florascent uses only the purest flower essences and specially produced aromatic plant extracts, which creates unique and long lasting fragrances. As you can see, the packaging for the perfumes is absolutely lovely and would look amazing on a dressing table; making one of these a lovely gift idea.

[second image from Florascent Perfumes]

Pivoine* is a floral peony scent with a fresh a fruity top of Sicilian lemon and tangerine. A lovely light spingtime perfume.

Violetta* offers an unadulterated parma violet scent, which can be difficult to find in perfumes.

Medina* is an oriental inspired perfume with a mix of precious spices including patchouli and saffron. This concoxion creates a really alluring scent which is my favourite of the three I tried.

Florascent are a lovely option for your next signature scent. I think Florascent have got some lovely products and I would be so happy to receive a bottle of one of these beautiful perfumes!


  1. These sound lovely especially Pivoine this would be great for mornings to uplift your mood very refreshing :) love the packaging too they sound very luxurious! Hope you had a great Xmas and New Year! xx

    1. Hope your Christmas and New Years were lovely too :)

  2. these sound lovely especially Medina xx

  3. These sound lovely.. Although I probably wouldn't bring myself to use them! :)

    Danniella x |


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