Sunday, 5 January 2014

Lauren's Way Tan

One thing that I can always count on to pick me up in the dark Winter months here in England is a lovely glowing tan. Even though I might not be showing much skin when it's this cold, glowing skin makes me feel pampered and beautiful, and reminds me of the summer! I'm an avid user of St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse, but as my bottle had gone walkabouts, I was very happy when Lauren's Way sent me a bottle of their Medium Self Tan Bronzing Mousse* (£17.95) to try. Started by Lauren Goodger (from TOWIE), Lauren's Way have a large range of self tanning products as well as hair and lash products too. I must admit I do prefer a more natural look than the TOWIE girls, so I picked their lightest shade 'Medium', which is recommended for pale pasty fair skins.

The packaging is normal for a Mousse Tan with a pump on top and a pop off lid that covers it. As with most tans, you're advised to exfoliate and remove hair 24 hours before use, and moisturise if needed just before application. The usual biscuity smell isn't very strong and it actually smells quite pleasant!

Application: You apply the Mousse with a normal tanning mitt and buff it into the skin. When you first put the product onto the skin, it's scarily orange, but it soon blends out to a very natural glow. It's much darker than the St Moriz equivalent in Medium, but I like the effect on my skin. It's also a lot harder than my St Moritz to get an even application but it's still relatively easy to get a no-streaks finish. I struggled with getting no darker patches on my hands and fingers, but I think this is just because it was a darker shade of tan than I'm used to. You can build up the deepness of the tan by adding another layer the next day, but one was enough for me. The tan takes 8 hours to develop but the colour doesn't visibly change during that time. When you then have a shower, the intensity of the colour decreases a bit, but it makes the tan look more natural and smooths out any mistakes.

Result: A very nice glowing look, a lot darker than I'm used to, but still natural-looking. It really does give that 'glowing from within' look to the skin which I love. I look ready for the beach! I prefer the end result of this tan to the my regular one, but it is a little trickier to apply. Do you have a favourite self tanner?


  1. I have really pale skin like you, and when I went to the Clothes Show I got given a "dark intense" self tanner from Rimmel and I now have a really dark orange patch on my stomach where I tested it! :/ x

    1. Oh no! I always go for the lightest shade a brand has, and that is normally dark enough for me :p XX

  2. Oooooft that is some transformation! I'm a pale Gail too so could definitely benefit from this, would love to give a go but it's so hard changing when St Moriz is so cheap :)

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  3. wow this product works so well! I need to try this :)
    Thank you very much for sharing x

  4. I love the look of this! I got 'Darker than Dark' for Xmas and I'm yet to give it a go. I'm looking forward to it!
    This looks so good I have high hopes for my one!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  5. Wow! This products works amazing after one use. I think the tan looks very natural and absolutely gorgeous :)


  6. Wow this looks brilliant! Such an even tan, looks so lovely. I love your blog, the layout is brilliant and your pictures are lovely! x

  7. Wow what a difference! It does look very natural though I might have to give it a go :)


  8. Wow, it's such a big difference, I too always use St Moriz but this has really made me want to try Laurens Way tan.

    Lauren x

  9. That's a huge difference! I wish I had the time and patience to keep up with a tan because I am sooo pale haha.
    Looks fab though, nice post.

    Best wishes, Danielle


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