Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner | Review

Large pores are one of my  most annoying skin concerns, so I was intrigued by Bioderma's Sebium, which claims to improve the appearance of the skin by somehow making pores more closed and less visible. There's an ingredient that I think regulates the sebaceous glands somehow and another ingredient which is an astringent to refine skin texture. With sensitive skin, the word 'astringent' alarms me, but I needn't have worried. It's a very light cream which feels calming to the skin, and makes a lovely base for makeup, slightly mattifying the skin. I've been using it as a primer, with added skincare benefits. It has the most wonderful scent (which didn't break me out) of freshly cut grass and summer, and sinks in straight away. It is a small tube at 30ml, but it can be used sparingly just over the t-zone once or twice a day. I've noticed a thin layer of product prevents my skin from getting quite so oily during the day, and my pores are definitely less obvious when I use this under makeup. I also feel like it might be helping to keep my pores unblocked, as my skin feels fresh and healthy. It certainly doesn't 'close' pores' like it claims, but then I don't think any product can do that. Reducing the appearance of pores and keeping shine at bay are enough for this product to be a winner in my book. Overall I'm quite happy with this little product and will continue to use it, at least to the end of this tube.

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