Tuesday, 8 July 2014

30 Before 30

You'll have probably seen people doing this '30 before 30' idea, and although it's not particularly original anymore, I've been wanting to finish writing up my list and get started on it! During the last few months, as I've finished University and got engaged, I've realised how quickly life moves, and how much I want to do that I haven't had a chance to yet. Of course, there are plenty of more general aims I have for the years of my life between now and thirty: I want to be a more positive person, whose happiness is contagious, I want to love my future husband and build a life with him, l aim to laugh everyday, document my life in photos and grow closer to the one who created me. I want to take every opportunity I’m blessed with, say yes to more things that scare me and be more patient, well-read and well-rounded. But I've finally decided on thirty tangible things I want to do before I'm thirty, ranging from the very important, to the completely frivolous, and I've got just over nine years to complete it (most people do these lists a couple of years before they turn thirty, so this should be easy)! I started writing the list at the beginning of year, which is why I've ticked one thing off already. I love reading other people's ambitions and things they hope to achieve, so I thought you might like to have a peek at mine.

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1. Try sushi.
Can't believe I've gone twenty-one years without trying raw fish.

2. Find my perfect wedding dress and get married in it.
This is every little girl's dream and I'm so excited to be completing this one in about a years time!

3. Visit America and take a walk in Central Park.
I've seen this in so many films, it's time to see it for myself.

4. Be in a flashmob.
It would just be awesome.

5. Go wine-tasting at a vineyard.
Because it's one of those fun posh things that I've never done.

6. Adopt a dog.
We want to get a dog one day, and I think it's so important to rehome.

7. Host a dinner party.
This one involves owning a house!

8. Give Blood. COMPLETED 3/July/2014
It was slightly scary, but I hope to do this many more times!

9. Have a walk-in wardrobe.
I will always have too many clothes, and just how cool would it be to have a whole ROOM full of them?

10. Do some kind of missionary work.
Something me and my fiance want to do.

11. 'Release' something - a book, a piece of jewellery etc.
No idea what it might be.

12. Be part of a wonderful Church.
I have been in the past, but I want to again.

13. Try pilates.
An actual class, not just Blogilates!

14. Learn a card party trick.
I just love card tricks.

15. Spend a night beneath the stars.
A bit of a romantic one.

16. Find my perfect shade of lipstick.
I have lipsticks I really like, but none I LOVE.

17. Learn a repertoire of piano pieces.
People often ask me to play, and I have nothing I know to play them.

18. Live in a Pinterest-worthy house.
Does this need an explanation?

19. Take part in some kind of charity running event.
I can't run. I desperately want to be able to run.

20. Watch the sun rise.
Another potentially romantic one, which I can't believe I've never done before.

21. Start a family.
Just before I'm 30.

22. Bake brownies without the recipe.
I've found the perfect brownie recipe, but I want to be able to whip them up anywhere, anytime!

23. Visit Ireland and have a drink in an Irish pub.
Like in P.S I Love You.

24. Swim with dolphins.
This is probably on everyone's bucket list.

25. Give an anonymous random gift.
You never know how far the ripples of a random act of kindness will spread.

26. Enjoy my job.
Sounds so simple, but so few can really say they enjoy their job.

27. Learn how to take photographs manually on my DSLR.
I've been using it for half a year on automatic.

28. Shower in a waterfall.
This would just be the best holiday ever.

29. Go to a friend's Wedding.
I was too young to remember any Weddings I've been to.

30. Go Horseriding.
I have no idea why I want to do this!

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