Thursday, 31 July 2014

Claudia Louch Botanical Firming Toner | Luxury Product Review

I'm beginning to fall for Claudia Louch. The brand, not the woman that is! This is the third product I've tried from this luxury range. If you haven't read my other posts, Claudia Louch products are of the highest quality, with scientific backing, and contrary to other high-end 'scientific skincare' I've found them to be very soothing for my sensitive, rather than aggressive or stripping. As usual, the Botanical Firming Toner is presented in a gorgeous white box, and stunning black and clear packaging. I always think these are such great gifts and dressing table products; they just make you feel so treated! I've been using this toner on a cotton pad, swept over the skin before applying my evening skincare. Even the morning after the very first use I noticed a difference - my skin was calm, slightly softer and pores were slightly less visible. From one use, that's pretty awesome! I've now been using it a couple of weeks, and the results are so impressive. Like their (amazing) face-wash, this toner has chamomile as one of the main ingredients, which might be why I'm so sold on it. It also contains cucumber extract, which is probably the magical pore-hiding potion! Another lovely skincare product from Claudia Louch.

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