Monday, 21 July 2014

How to Wear: Summer Layered Necklaces

I love the look of layered necklaces, especially in the summer, as it seems to make an outfit look relaxed and a bit boho. I've been playing around with some pieces from Orelia and I love the look of these three necklaces together! An easy rule of thumb when layering necklaces that you own is to find ones with the same or complimenting metals. The shortest necklace should be delicate and small - I've gone for a light green gemstone. The middle necklace works well as some kind of bar, or multiple beads in a line to add something more horizontal. The longest pendent can be something of interest like a tusk, a wishbone or a hamsa hand. Of course, this is just one way to layer up necklaces - you can wear five or six almost on top of each other, or just two of similar lengths. I'd love to see any of your photos of layered necklaces for more inspiration, so link them up in the comments!

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