Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wedding Planning | A Date, a Dress and Drama!

I can't believe I've been engaged for over three months already, it's gone absolutely crazily fast! (Soppy Proposal story here) I wanted to update you Wedding-y type people on all the planning that's been going on. In my first wedding planning post I wrote a list of everything I wanted to plan after two months. BaaHaHa. After two months, we had done zilch, nada. I'm glad about that though - spending time just enjoying our engagement without actively planning the Wedding day was lovely. Howeverrrr, this last month has been super-productive, and we've actually managed to tick off everything on that initial list, wahoo! Here's what been going down (Brace yourself for a long rambly post!):

1. A Wedding Fair: Going to a fancy-smanshy Country House where there's nothing but Wedding-related stuff was so exciting and totally got us both in the mood for talking about the Big Day, even if we didn't actually get many contacts from it.

Oops, my Wedding Pinterest Board is overflowing.

2. 'Feels' and 'Vibes': We (well, mostly me!) decided that the day should be relaxed, romantic, a little bit rustic and totally 'us'. This influenced the style of our...

3. Engagement Photos! I was so happy with our little engagement photo shoot (thanks to my Mum); you can see some of the photos here.

4. A Budget. The not-so-fun part of Wedding Planning, but we've got a budget that isn't stupid to spend on just one day of our lives, whilst still allowing us to create a great day for everyone.

5. A Guest List. As it turns out, there is quite a bit of drama involved in creating a guest-list. Our guest-list is currently very much a work in progress, but we've got a good idea of numbers. We've also picked our Wedding party, with five bridesmaids and five bestmen! (You can probably tell we're not the most decisive couple in the world.) I asked my bridesmaids with these little invites below I created on Photoshop.

6. A Dress. This one I was NOT expecting. Myself, my Mum and my lovely friend Ellie booked an appointment at a local bridal store since they had a Sample Sale on, which only happens twice a year. I thought we'd just have a look at what dresses might suit me, but I ended up choosing between two beautiful (bargain) dresses! The dress I picked is so gorgeous even two sizes too big (my Mum cried), and I'm so excited to go in for my first fitting!

7. A Date! Yes, we have a date! After a fair bit of stress trying to first find any venues that weren't already booked up /affordable /within driving distance, we then had a huge drama finding out Jonny's summer exam dates, and thought we would loose our chosen Venue. Jonny took me out for a de-stressing lunch on Friday, only to give me an invitation - for our own Wedding! (The absolute cutie). Turns out he'd found out when we could book the Venue and booked our Wedding Day himself! We'll be saying our 'I do's' in my local Parish Church, before our Reception at a Golf and Country Club (it's gorgeous, more on this soon).

Next on my to-do list is designing our Save the Dates, looking for Bridesmaids dresses, finding a photographer and working on our guest list! It's all got so real this last month, and even though it's still almost a year away, I'm SO excited! Please leave me any Wedding Planning tips /advice or your Wedding-related blog posts in the comments.

I'm photographing all my wedding-y bits over on Instagram!

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