Tuesday, 19 August 2014

July Degustabox Review | Food to your door

July Degustabox * | £12.99 including delivery

It's that time of the month where I've been munching my way through another Degustabox of treats and I share the best bits! This month there were two different boxes you might have recieved, one with alcohol and one without. You will actually 6-7 products in your box, but so that I could sample everything, Degustabox kindly sent me the products from both boxes, so I got to try 8. As usual, there was a really nice mix of products - snacks, something for a main dish, a desert item, a baking product and drinks. Mealtimes are so much more interesting when you've got a new thing to try, especially some of the intriguing products in this month's box. The Portlebay Popcorn was one of the first things I went for - the Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup flavour is so more-ish! We tried one of the Maggi Cooking Packets, which make for a really easy meal if you're in a rush. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Green&Blacks chocolate which was a shame, but that's just because I'm not a lemon person. The ZEO drinks were interesting but not delicious, and there were mixed reviews for the Hornsby's Blueberry Ciders from my friends (bascially stay clear of it if you don't like really sweet drinks!). I've still got a few items left in the larder/fridge to try, and that's the great thing about these boxes; you've got new stuff to try all month! Here's the full list of what I received this month:

ZEO Drinks
MAGGI Meal Packets
DR.OETKER Eton Mess and Violet Crystals
FRANK Snack Bar
HORNSBY'S Blueberry Cider

Degustabox has also been lovely and given me a coupon code for you - just use Q5M8Q when registering to get a £3 discount!

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