Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My MAC Blush Palette | MAC Blush Collection

For years I refused to wear blush, worrying that it would bring out my naturally flushed skin with pink undertones, as well as show up my blemishes. How silly I was. Blush can really make a make-up look, stopping the face from being unnaturally one tone, and is such an interested product. I've finally filled my MAC blush palette with six shades, and other than possibly NARS, MAC is my favourite brand for blush. The colour range is of course massive and the formulas tend to be creamy and long-lasting. I chose to get my blushes in pro-pan form as its cheaper, more easily stored, and to be honest, having my blushes in a palette just brings out the wanna-be make-up artist in me!

My first shade was Well-Dressed, a super-popular shade of course, a lovely light pink, which I love for S/S. It's incredibly easy to just throw on your cheeks and looks good on paler skins. Prism is almost a contour shade on my skin-tone, and is good for no-make-up make up looks. Fleur Power is a dusty pink with a bit of coral, and looks better with a slight tan for me. Peachykeen is obviously a lot more peachy and has a fine gold shimmer running through it, a little similar to NARS Orgasm. Dollymix is another really popular one - a glowy bright pink which pulls a little berry coloured on my skin. Frankly Scarlet is my most recent addition, since Tanya Burr used it in so many of her tutorials. It is super bright and incredibly pigmented, but if you use a very light hand it gives the most natural flush, as if you've been out on a chilly winter's walk.

Do leave your MAC Blush posts below - I love reading them!

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