Sunday, 28 September 2014

The BEST Facemask Ever | Claudia Louch Mineral Mud Mask Review

In case you didn't already know, facemasks are my number one favourite skincare product. Potentially even my favourite beauty product in general(!) and I'm constantly trying new masks out. I've been loving Claudia Louch products recently, so when I was sent the Claudia Louch Mineral Mud Mask, with its rather hefty price tag, I had similarly hefty expectations. And boy oh boy, it did not disappoint.

The large tube of face-mask contains a mix of pure arctic mineral mud, and just a handful of other natural oils. No chemicals, no fillers. It's a green, grey, very thick textured gloopy-paste, that smells, in my opinion, just how a good facemask should. You can feel the goodness as soon as you spread the stuff on your face, and after about ten minutes you can visibly see the nasties being pulled from your skin. It's very easy to wash off (I find this to be a problem with some of my other favourite mud masks), and doesn't dry the skin out at all. After use my skin is so soft and feels incredibly fresh. Make-up goes on like a dream and blemishes that were threatening are calmed. This has got to be the best facemask I've ever used, but for the price, I would have been shocked if it wasn't really!

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