Saturday, 4 October 2014

Love Me Beauty Box Review | September

Love Me Beauty Box * | £12.95 including P&P

Love Me Beauty is, from what I can tell, the best value subscription box out there, so when I heard that they were making some changes, I was pretty excited to see what they could do to make the boxes even better. Love Me Beauty has had a complete makeover - to order your box, you now go to the love me beauty website and choose exactly what you want to try from a range of products (using a credit system where each product is worth a certain number of points). Your profile is even updated with your preferences and you are recommended products to try. I always loved that Love Me Beauty allowed you to pick between three box menus, but now there is even more freedom to pick what you want. 

The box itself is now far more luxurious, no more cardboard and shredded paper - instead a gorgeous silver embossed box and a soft drawstring pouch contain your picks. I firstly choose the Percy and Reed dry conditioner, which when brushed through the hair adds moisture and a glossy finish. Second to go in my box was the Malin and Goetz Mojito lip balm, which is a great lip protectant that really does smell of mojitos! Lastly I choose The One mascara from Oriflame, which I've been using for the last week and am loving. Each of my items were worth two credits, but if I'd wanted to I could have picked more than three items that were worth less credits.

I'm loving the changes Love Me Beauty have made this month, and always find new and great brands through them. Love Me Beauty offers great value for money, a lovely experience and must be the most personalised subscription service out there.

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