Sunday, 26 April 2015

DIY Wedding Table Numbers

It's about three months to go to the wedding (eek!), so I'm getting started on all the little fun crafty bits, like the table numbers. This post isn't so much a tutorial as a 'this is what I did' post, because it's the easiest thing in the world! I thought it might just be nice for some of you fellow wedding planners to see what I've chosen to do! I decided to steal an idea I'd seen at a wedding, and have each table number showing a picture of my and my fiance at that age. It's something a bit more fun, and gives guests a talking point. Here's all I had to do...

1) SOURCE YOUR PHOTOS. It took quite a long time to find a pick out photos, but it was really nostalgic to spend the time looking through them. I tried to match up photos where we were doing similar things, or were in similar poses. I chose 12 pairs of photos, to make 12 table numbers, and scanned them into my computer using a home scanner.

2) DESIGN THE TABLE NUMBERS. I used photoshop to make a really simple design with a laurel. I also created a template in order to get the shape at the top. I then printed these all off on a standard home printer, onto Hobbycraft card.

3) CUT TO SIZE. Trace the outline using your template, and cut out any shapes you've decided on.

4) STRENGTHEN IF NEEDED. Because I was using fairly thin card left over from making the wedding invitations, I stuck another piece of card onto the back of each sheet. I used a large book to press them together firmly, and cut around the shape again.

5) ADD SPARKLE. You can get these stick on gems from most craft stores (I got mine from Hobbycraft), and can stick them wherever you like with a pair of tweezers.

6) TRIM TO SIZE. I wanted my signs to be a little narrower than A4, so used a guillotine to chop off a centimetre from each edge, having marked them up with a pencil.

7) SOURCE SOME STANDS. I think these mini easels are the cutest thing ever! I got these really cheap from Amazon here.


I'm going to be doing lots more DIY bits for the wedding, so hopefully there will be more posts like this coming your way. If you're posting wedding-planned related posts, please link in the comments - I'd love to see what you're doing!