Saturday, 24 October 2015

Our First Kitchen | Small Kitchen Decor Inspiration

My new husband and I (it's still strange to say 'husband'!) moved into our first house together about three months ago now, and it's now very much home. When we first came to look round, the cute little kitchen was what absolutely sold it to both of us. It's got enough room for a dining table, which we can extend when we have more guests, and is generally a lovely space to cook in and host in. It was already painted in this lovely duck-egg blue and cream, which meant we really didn't have to do anything to it. I love coming home to our cosy kitchen - it's currently my favourite room of the house. Other rooms are still very much in progress, but I will likely share our lounge when we've sorted that out too. For now, here's our kitchen!

^ I insisted we got a traditional blackboard to write out our week - since we're both so busy it's a good way of seeing what's coming up and makes sure we don't double book things.

^ I love how many cupboards there are - storage is vital! There are some cute little display shelves - on one of them we've got this framed card which is very special to both of us, and on the shelf above sits some glassware Jonny inherited from his Granddad.

^ Our fridge sits in this little cubbie-hole - ideally I'd like to build a little shelving unit to fit in the space that's left, for spices/ wine bottles. Our laundry baskets are also in this photo - we normally keep them upstairs - I was just doing some washing today!

^ Obligatory blogger succulents.

^ We still have some sweets left over from our wedding which we keep on the side, and my little letter rack for upcoming birthday cards.

Hope you've enjoyed a nosy around our kitchen - I always enjoy house tours/ decor inspiration posts, so please link yours below if you have some!