Saturday, 21 November 2015

Ultimate Cosy Night In

After my last post ranting about how much I dislike Autumn, I'll admit, there is one thing I love about this season - it the perfect excuse for the most snuggly, warm, cosy night in. Sometimes all you want to do on a Friday night is get your most comfortable pjs on, collapse onto the sofa, and snuggle up with your family/ roomies. On Friday night, me and the husband had what might be the ultimate cosy night in, with the help of some super snuggly essentials from Debenhams.

A cosy night in isn't a cosy night in without a ridiculously decadent drink. Our drink of choice is Whittard's Rocky Road hot chocolate, topped off with mini marshmallows. We got these huge mugs from John Lewis - they're perfect for warming your hands.

Candles are of course another atmospheric essential - I really pushed the boat out and burnt two Yankee Christmas candles - Christmas Garland (little smells of Christmas trees), and Christmas Eve. I also like to like my big pillar candle in its lantern, and a few tealights around the room too. There's something about candlelight that just forces you to relax and unwind!

We have the most snuggly outfits for ultimate comfort - I'm all about the onesie* (this one is so so soft and even has a little hood!) and bootie slippers* to save my toes from the cold. Jonny loves his luxury slippers* - I think these would make a lovely gift for a husband/ boyfriend/ father/ brother for Christmas. He's also finally learning to embrace the snuggliness with the most soft fleece dressing gown* ever. You can browse Debenhams' lovely PJ ranges for women here, and men here.

Our TV show of choice for our night in was The Last Kingdom - I wouldn't normally go for such a war-based drama, but I've actually really enjoyed this one. It should still be on iPlayer if you want to catch it.

Let me know what drinks, snacks, candles, shows etc you're loving for your cosy nights in!

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